Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review+Swatch+EOTD Sariayu Karimun Jawa

Today I will be reviewing local brand eyeshadow from Sariayu
pigmented quality is very good if I think and worth to buy

 Sariayu eyeshadow packaging is simple as eyeshadow in general
This eyeshadow palette is 2013 color trends inspired by the beauty of the coast of central java
back of eyeshadow packaging
very beautiful color combinations
consists of three colors that can be combined to become an attractive appearance
There eyeshadow applicators are also in the packaging , and I really like the unique carvings that exist in each eyeshadow
let's look closer
It's really pretty and unique,right?
for applicators I never use, because I often use eyeshadow brush
swatches of sariayu karimun java eyeshadow
 and this is my EOTD use this eyeshadow palette
(sorry for different lighting)
hope you understand , I am not an expert on make up with colorful eyeshadow
I create this look,combine three colors and use falsies
I really love that purple color,it really pretty and pigmented
product that I use for my eye make up
-Caring colours eye brow pencil
-Etude proof10 eye primer
-NYX jumbo pencil cottage cheese
-Sariayu eyeshadow palette
-Maybelline volume express mascara
-D'eyeko Syahrini "merak" eye lashes
-PAC shimmer white eyeshadow
not much I can say about this eyeshadow
all of the colors is really pigmented,I think this eyeshadow is has good quality with
affordable price
many other color options to choose from this brand
two years ago I had bought Sariayu eyeshadow, and the quality is always satisfying 

thank you because you are willing and pleased to read this post
The above items I bought using my own money , there is no element or promoting commercial
I hope you like and enjoy this post
I appreciate all comments and suggestions from you guys 
and I hope we can follow and support each other
follow my blog if you don't mind
thank you so much
have a nice day


  1. Bagus kok ce Lina, aku suka warnanyaaa :D
    Cantik dehh

  2. Bagus kok ce Lina, aku suka warnanyaaa :D
    Cantik dehh

  3. Haiii erna thanks yach.....
    Warna eyeshadow emang cakep bangeetzzz....
    Sayang aku belum mahir utak atik eyeshadow warna warni....xxiixixi..thanks for visit say

  4. cantik bangeet...rapi loh eyeshadownya...
    itu d'eyeko syahrini merak? tadi pengen beli, tapi masih ragu, eh ternyata bagus banget yaa.. di kamunya cantik banget...

  5. Waah...thanks sist.....
    Masih belajar nih...belum ahli.....
    Xixixi...Iya d'eyeko merak versi syahrini.....
    Cantik dan enak pake sist.....
    Gak nyesel kalo beliii....thanks for visit.....

  6. bagus warnanya hahaa tp teutep gak pede pake warna-warna gini lin ujung2nya kalo beli malah gak dipake haha #curhat
    eh btw itu alisnyaaa >.<

    1. Iya sih,warna natural is the best tetep.....
      Cuma lagi pengen coba eyeshadow warna-warni makanya beli...hehehe......aku juga jarang pake sih.....
      Alis masih gak mahir abis aku... T.T maklumi yach......

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks sist.......
      Tq juga udah visit blogku......

  8. Cantik banget! anw just followed your blog, would be happy if you could drop by/follow mine too :)

    1. Hai sist,thanks udah follow and visit.....
      Pasti ku kunjungi and ku follback tentunya......

  9. keren banget warnanya ya.. kalo ga inget mau dipake kapan dan buat apa, aku bisa kalap beli eyeshadownya sariayu :3

    1. Iya kadang2 aku juga sering kalaaap kalo udah liat warna eyeshadow.....
      Padahal lebih sering pake warna netral and kalem...wkwkk....
      Thanks for visit

  10. Looking great, dear! Love this eye shadpw, i have one too :D

    1. Iya great color warnanya cakeeep abizzz....
      Tosss...kita samaa-samaa punya...xixixi......
      Thanks for visit

  11. hai :D mau tanya donk.. katanya kalo pake false lashes dari d'eyeko, ga boleh dimascara ya? itu aku liat km pake maybelline mascara. kamu pakenya sebelum pake false lashesnya atau false lashesnya jg km mascara.. haha maaf kata2nya membingungkan.. tlong dijawab ya dear >,< need the information

  12. Aku pake mascaranya sebelum pake falsies.jd urutannya jepit dulu bulumata asli,then pake mascara kemudian baru pake falsies...tujuannya supaya falsies gak kena mascara jadi bisa pake berulang-ulang sist.....sayang soalnya kalo falsies udah kena mascara jadi kurang awet dan susah dipake ulang.......
    Thanks for visit,semoga membantu penjelasan dari aku

  13. UUmmm, bagus bikin EOTD nya, eyeshadow kayak gini ga bisa buat daily look sih #jadi mikir buat beli :P


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