Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush Studio-Wooden Rose

hello everyone....today I wanna review this cute blush on
I got this blush on from maybelline counter
the packaging is small and looks cute , I'm interested in buying because of the color also looks very pretty
 look simple but still cute...I think this blush on is travel friendly because is small... lol
this product avaible in several colors, like Peachy SweetyCreamy cinnamon , Fresh Coral,and wooden rose
 I choose the color which is the "Wooden Rose"
this product claim
-Silky smooth texture
-Dermatologist tested
-Non comedogenic
This product weight is 7gram , but I guess the blush will be durable and can be used for a long time
 I chose this color because I have yet to have colored blush like this, I've got identical blush with pink color for everyday and I am interested to use this color every day
 The product packaging is very simple and I like the content of blush on the slightly convex , unique look I think
packaging convex and rounded
 swatch on my hand in sunlight lighting
 swatch on my hand use camera blitz lighting

I 've been using blush on about 1 and a half months and I absolutely love this blush color for natural makeup , very natural look for daily look
make the face look fresh without excessive
No matter how much I use it, it doesnt look too much. blush texture is really smooth makes it easy to apply and blend well on my skin. I love it...easy to use..I can apply with my finger(If I'm lazy use brush) or use my brush

spam picture use this blush
overall I love this product
Affordable price
Travel friendly
Easy to use
Easy to get anywhere
Simple and cute packaging
give beauty natural glow on my face

It doesn't have a long lasting effect

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Friday, April 26, 2013

let's play with eyeshadow color EOTD and FOTD

Today I wanna share my make up look
I tried another make up experiment .. I try to use colorful eyeshadow 
please if you understand my makeup result is still far from perfect
I hope you all enjoy my amateur eye make up

This is my eye make up
I just use blue,purple,brown for blending,pink,and white eyeshadow for highlight

I still continue to learn techniques to blend eyeshadow colour
sorry if my make up is still far from perfect

and this is my make up look
Sorry for spam picture
hope you enjoy and don't be bored...lol
I've shading my nose,use highlighter,and use soft pink blush for my cheek
for lips I just use simple pink color

 Again take a pic with my eye make up...spam picture again...lol
product that I use for my face :
-Revlon Compact Powder
-Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
-Sleek Countour Kit
-Maybelline Blush On
Product that I use for my eye make up :
-Etude Proof10 Eye Primer
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk
-Maybelline Hyperglosyy Eyeliner
-Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
-Silmy's False Eyelashes
-NYX Brow Kit Dark Brown

Product that I use for my lips :
-EOS Lip Balm
-DIY lipstick

thanks for visit and I hope you enjoy and like this post

I am not a professional in the field of make- up, so please be understandable if there are still many shortcomings in my makeup

I continue to learn in the world of make up, and I'm sure if more diligent practice more and more ... anyone can become more proficient...

enjoy and continue to hone what we can
practice and continue to learn
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review Hadalabo Tamagohada Mild Peeling Face Wash

I originally bought this product because interested in " Mild Peeling "writing on the packaging of the product, in my mind this product may contain subtle and probably scrub scrubnya texture is very smooth .. I did not read reviews about this product before 
look...what makes me so interested "Unveil silky smooth skin of an Unshelled Egg" really excited when I read about that 
the packaging is same like general facial wash
packaging made of plastic material, just like the other products in general .. and this product it pretty much ... usually just peels once a week... of course this product will last long enough

combination of AHA(Glycolic acid) and BHA(salycid acid) in this product which is claimed to remove dead skin cells so that new skin cells healthier can be lifted to the surface

for a clearer understanding of the content may be you can check some of the links below:
(that's link is not mine,I was just trying to provide information)

what I like about this product is that it does not contain dyes, fragrances , mineral oil , and not content of ethanol ........ the written content was usually less suitable for sensitive skin types

after a lot of searching for information on the content contained in this peeling products , I understand that the peeling is not necessarily in the form of scrubs like the one in my mind

like this peeling,as you can see...It's not contain scrub and looks like a face wash that we use everyday
after I use this product quite a while , about 2 months ... I think this product
-works well as a peeling product
-very soft foamed like facial foam
- if my skin is very dirty , it also became a face wash mainstay
-doesn't make me breakout or dry skin
-affordable price is just about 20/30thousand in rupiah
-easy to find

I really liked the product so far 
peeling should not be done too often as it will erode the skin's natural moisture
because these products are chemical peels , try to avoid sunburn are too excessive after peeling
don't forget use sunscreen / sunblock with SPF sufficient if the activity should be out of the house 
usually I personally prefer to use this product at the night
then immediately be followed by a toner and other skin care products, with skin that is clean .. skin care products such as essence and moisturizer will work more optimally
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Review AC Clinic pink powder spot special packaging

I might include very late in reviewing this product, I love to buy skincare for stock, usually I save and use if the stock skincare that I'm using is running out ... hehehe 

and today I wanna review this cute and unique packaging product 
this is AC Clinic Series Product...I love this packaging
It's really look like medicine box...right?? I buy this one because it look so unique..and look so different from other's Etude house packaging
this box can carry as well , the box size is not too big , and once the product is finished ... the box can still be used to store other items ...lol

model of the packaging is really made to resemble a medicine box

the contents of the box , neat arrangement of goods ... I really like it

there are 3 types of products in the box ... there is a facial wash , pink powder spot which is a acne medicine of AC Clinic series,and toner
all of this item is mini size product...but for the pink powder spot I think it 
will last long enough , because I rarely use..lol
there are 2 packs cotton pad to apply toner and 1 pack cotton buds to apply the powder pink spot
I will review one by one existing products
 let start...
first product is AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
I've use it about 2 weeks
I love use this foam cleanser because this is acne cleanser,it work good for acne,oily and trouble skin type
it formulated with salycid acid,tryclosan,and sandalwood...all of ingredients is good for acne fighting..love it
I love this product because :
-I only need a small amount of product,and is enough for wash my face
-my skin feeling so clean and fresh
-not makes me breakout
-reduce redness on my face
this is the back of packaging 
 and what I don't like from this product :
-sting around my eyes and mouth area
-makes my skin a little bit dry
-the product's scent
second product is AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot
always remember don't shake the bottle
because this is last step of skincare and just apply this product with cotton buds
and apply on the acne and trouble area
I love use this product because :
-it's really effective for healing my pimple,in just 2-3 nights and my pimple was gone
-doesn't cause any breakout on my face
-I just only need small amount on the trouble area
back of packaging
what I don't like about this product :
-strong chemical scent from this product
( I don't use this product near my nose area)
and the last product is AC Clinic Toner
This toner toner the same as other brands , are used after washing your face to remove the remaining dirt and residue that remains on the face
what I like from this product :
-makes my face feeling clean and fresh
-non comedogenic
what I don't like from this product is : nothing...lol
Etude AC Clinic line series is a good product for me because I have oily and acne prone skin
I have been using this product series about 2 weeks now and for me the result is satisfying...and I love this line product
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder in #10 Transparent

I am always looking for loose powder to control oil on my face , my face is very oily type ... so after using foundation / bb cream I usually wear loose powder again
after reading a lot of review about this loose powder, I am very interested to try this product
my mom bought me this powder in Skinfood counter ... very unfortunate because I also have ordered from online shop
certainly very different from the price comparison
let's look at the powder packaging
I love design on the packaging cover
it's look so elegant and pretty
unique pattern..make it look so pretty and elegant to see
contents of this loose powder is 23gram
when compared to other brands of loose powder , I thought it quite a lot and can be used long enough
I chose the shade transparent because wanna look natural , and because I really don't like to wear powder
I like to make up a face that looks light and natural for my daily look
when I open the packaging
It's look like another loose powder
I also love the sponge applicator. Very smooth and soft.
I love to use this sponge powder
loose powder texture is very smooth and soft
one less thing that I don't is the scent of this loose powder
 I am less comfortable with the scent of loose powder that is too fragrant
this loose powder also comes in another shade
#10 Transparant
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige
#40 Lavender 
 *credits by Google*

after using this product for a long time , this is my opinion about this loose powder
I like about this product because
- it can control the oil in my face
- the design of the container is elegant and pretty
-the product can last up for long time,depends on how often you use it.
- It has soft powder sponge
-makes my face look smooth and flawless
-very affordable price at online shop

What I don't like about this because
-powder scent that makes me less comfortable
(but my mom really liked this scent,I think is back to personal opinion)

Thank you for reading my post about this product

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