Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My HAUL February-March

I bought quite a lot of stuff the last two months , mostly skincare and mask , I also bought a eyeshadow palette of course, because the price is quite tempting discounts
which women are not attracted to the discount...??lol
average of all the items I bought are items ordered items from the online shop
by preorder sand I must patiently await the arrival of my order items
I hope you enjoy one by one photo of my HAUL
 -Hera Zeal Soap-
-Sample Product of Korean Skincare-
-Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap-
-All Variant of Konjac Sponge-
Someone buy for me...Yeah He's my BF of course
and I feel so happy...thank you so much >.<
 -Hera BB Cream Sachet-
 -Eye Cream-
 -Sample size Cream Pact-
 -Etude House Eye Brow Mascara-
I hope this product can makes me more easy in shaping my eyebrows , I am interested in a interesting review on this product
 -Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream Sample-
 -Sample Size Cleansing Oil-
 -Botanical Fresh BB Cream Nature Republic-
 -Bonus Sample Product-
 -MUA Immalculate Eyeshadow Palette-
when the pallet arrives condition makes me very sad , because there are two colors that burst and broken.I depotting and fix my eyeshadow and press again...and it's look better now 
I 'll write another post about that
 -Mask Sheet Innisfree-
 -Faceshop Mask Sheet-
 -Skinfood Mask Sheet-
 -Innisfree Mask Sheet-
 -Maybelline's Product(mascara and blush on)-
 -Mustika Ratu Body Scrub-
 -Sariayu Toner-
 -Pantene Shampoo-
 -MUA Artiste Eyeshadow Palette-
I am interested in buying this palette because the palette is very practical for traveling, all the products are in one palette
 -MUA Undress Me Eyeshadow Palette-
for everyday palette is the right choice , I plan to use my naked2 only to other special events or hangout...and this palette is a great dupe of naked2 can read here
 -Kose Speedy Cleansing Liquid-
I feel lazy to use a cleansing milk every day , and I was curious to try this product
 -EOS Lip Balm-
cute lip balm that makes me curious to try 
and of course I bought because the price is cheap when discount
 -Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque-
 -Maybelline Color Tattoo-
a lot of interesting reviews on this product and certainly made ​​me really want to try
and that's all the photos I've bought products during the last two months

thank you because you are willing and pleased to read this post
The above items I bought using my own money , there is no element or promoting commercial
I hope you like and enjoy this post
I will review all above products one by one
I appreciate all comments and suggestions from you guys 
and I hope we can follow and support each other
follow my blog if you don't mind
thank you so much
have a nice day


  1. Gilaaak!
    Banyaak banget!

    1. Iyaaaa soalnya barang2 PO dari desember and januari sebagian...jdnyaaa banyak,,habis ini hemat dah,,,iriiiit

  2. banyak banget ce.. hahaa *o*

  3. Iya barang2 PO baru pada nyampe,,,banyak diskon merajarela soalnya.kalo gak sih gak berani beli banyak gt...hihihii....

  4. Woah.. haul kamu lina,,,
    *standing applause* (0_0)

  5. Iya,,,banyak sample2 doank sih sist.....
    And make up banyakan beli karena sale.....
    Mumpung murah.....
    Kalo merk high end sih gak sanggup aku....
    Ini juga hasil nabung dr desember.....

  6. wawwwww,,,,,envy bangettttt :'(
    kalo boleh tau,,MUA sama sample2 itu beli dimana ya sayy ??? pengennn

  7. MUA sih aku beli di ol shop facebook... Bunny beaute cosmetica....
    And sample campur2 tuh....beda-beda ol shopnya......
    Ini haul 2 bulanan...cuma kukumpulin aja tuh...hihihii.....
    Dan pakenya juga bareng mami...wkwkk

  8. waiting review of Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap
    where do you get this?

  9. sis eyebrow coloring-nya gimana? kalo bagus aku juga mau beli, kebetulan lagi nyari nih! hehe :D

  10. hi sist! aku jual mint julep masque hub 08567267266 kalo berminat.. trusted ^^


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