Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY : Let's mixing lipstick to get new lipstick

I believe that sometimes we get bored with the color of lipstick that we have,
and sometimes we are disappointed because the lipstick color is too dark or too pale
today I will share how to mix two or even three lipstick colors together to produce a new color

items needed include: 
-lipstick with two or three different colors (as you wish)
-thread (for cutting lipstick,or you can use knife..but I prefer use thread)
-candle (to melt the lipstick)
-a small metal spoon(to melt the lipstick container)
-a small container (to hold the molten lipstick) 
my lipstick that I use
because the one is too pale and the one is too dark for me
(I have cut two lipsticks in a thread that wound slowly)
I use revlon colorbust lipstick 070 soft nude and 030 fuchsia
(I am curious about the colors that will be produced)
after it melted lipsticks over a candle flame until it melts a whole
make sure all the lipstick melted perfectly and the colors blend
 (sorry I did not include photos of the process , because my hands are busy melting lisptick)
prepare a small container to hold the molten lipstick
pour the melted lipstick into the container , allow it to cool for a while
(after a cold can be entered into the freezer or left to freeze by itself)
and I get a new color , many colors can be mixed to produce new colors
(for more hygienic , use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick)
next time I 'll try to mix different colors of lipstick that I had
do you ever mix lipstick colors that you have?
if you have never been, I think this way is worth to try
thank you all for read this post,do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions
I will reply all comments as soon as possible
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 have a nice day


  1. nice tips! thanks for sharing :)

    xo Sarvin

  2. Nice tips!
    (langsung cari lipstik utk dicampur)

    Tapi baiknya pakai lipstik yang sama jenisnya ya.. ?

    1. lipsticknya bebas say....asal kalo bisa warnanya tua muda gitu jadi keliatan hasil warnanya...jangan warna tua semua...hehehe..thanks yach sist udah mampir

  3. i usually do the same when i got bored with the lipstick post! thanks so much for the comment on my blog!


    1. yeah...we do the same...
      thanks for visit back dear


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