Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

Today I wanna review my new favourite eyeshadow palette 
Here is my new favourite 
-MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette-
this brand is from UK
I'm really fall in love with this brand
eyeshadow packaging is simple , made ​​of plastic , sleek and travel friendly
one minus of this palette is no mirror in packaging
description of the color display in the back pack and also tips on combining eyeshadow color
 as you can see...this packaging is really simple
all the colors in the palette can be seen clearly
for those of you who love the eyeshadow with a funny and cute packaging , I think this palette will feel boring and very standard
but for me , this eyeshadow palette looks very professional and I love the minimalist packaging
12 color eyeshadow which is very pretty , if you are reading my blog you know that I definitely loved  neutral eyeshadow and also I really loves brown and shimmer eyeshadow
 I have had urban decay naked2 can check my review here 
but I also really want to have naked1
as you know .. naked1 are quite expensive but I was very excited when I saw the reviewing by TheCurlyGirlJournal blog about MUA undressed palette
It's look really similar and arrangement of color also looks very similar
 Here is closer look of eyeshadow...Let see all pretty color
for the applicator is comfortable to use , but I prefer using eyeshadow brush that I have
(this aplicator would be very useful if you forget ur eyeshadow brush)
and this is swatches of 12 pretty color
it's really great dupe of urban decay naked1 palette
I do not have naked1 palette, I believe that all of you already know and have seen naked1 color composition 
 and It's really great dupe in my opinion
I'm really in love with this great eyeshadow palette
this is my opinion about this palette
-It has 12 great eyeshadow color combination of matte and shimmer
-It's really highly pigmented eyeshadows
-It's easily blendable 
-It has creamy texture...I really love this eyeshadow texture
-very affordable and inexpensive eyeshadow palette
-Professional and sleek packaging
-It's great for neutral look and great for smokey look too
-it's really great dupe of naked1 palette
-little bit powdery but it's no problem for me 

and this is my make up look with this palette
check it here

Thank you for reading my post about this product

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  1. bedeh , MUA , mungkin kalo seumuran aku belom pantes punya alat makeup kaya gitu ya :s
    btw , aku udah follow blog cc , follback ya :3

    1. make up gak mandang umur lagi say...asal kita seneng dan harga masih masuk akal aku rasa sih gak masalah..lagian price MUA terjangkau harganya 100ribuan gitu...
      worth it banget sih menurutku...
      oke..thanks udah follow...ku follback say

  2. Jadi ikutan naksir sama palette ini... ^_^

    1. ayooo beliii...xixixi...worth it say harga 100ribuan kualitas puas kalo menurutku...
      thanks for visit yach

  3. lovel palette hun the swatches are great! :D

    1. haiii dear thanks for visit my blog
      yeah...This is great palette...

  4. bagus ya lin?Katanya ini agak powdery gitu hahaa jadi ragu2 mau beli...apa mending simpen uang buat beli naked2 xD

    1. agak powdery tapi gak mengganggu sih...and pigmented gak kalah sama naked loh
      kalo buat belajar or daily aku prefer pake MUA sayang kalo pake naked...xixixi irit

  5. wah keren banget palletnya, dari dulu pengen bikin riasan smokey eyes gak bisa-bisa! hahaha :D

    1. iya warnanya cakep kalo buat smokey eyes...
      coba-coba aja sist terus..apalagi banyak tutorial dari youtube...hihihiii...
      semangat yach

  6. Wahhh racun nih, jadi tergoda lagi kaaan, pdhl aku baru order Sleek hehe. Dia warnanya ini aja nih, ada seri lain ga ya

    1. Iya banyak pilihan kok si MUA ini.....
      Coba cek aja di website...hehehee
      Thanks for visit say

  7. falling for this palette! the colors r gorgeous!

    1. Yeah..thanks for visiting dear.....
      Love that you leave comments for me......
      I love this palette too

  8. hey hu, thanx for that reviw, btw, are the colors trully pigmented when u applied on your lid?

    1. Yeah it's really pigmented.....
      I really love this palette because all colour is so lovely

  9. woooaa~~ mauuuu.. beli dimana? *keracunan*

  10. Lagi banyak sist yang buka PO.....
    And di multiply...pauline boutique ada ready tuh.....


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