Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Simple EOTD and FOTD

Hari ini cuma mau bikin post soal make up look ku buat minggu ini...make up ini gampang and simple banget
(hari ini lagi pengen ngetik post pake bahasa indonesia aja)

okeee...langsung aja ini make up mataku hari ini
lagi-lagi yang kupake eyeshadow warna netral
didominasi warna coklat tentunya,untuk sudut dalam mata pake warna agak shimmer dan terang
supaya mata keliatan lebih fresh
 untuk make up mata kali ini produk-produk yang kupake 
-Etude house proof10 eye primer
-Maybelline liquid eyeliner
-Maybelline volume express mascara
-Caring colors eyebrow pencil
-Silmy's false eyelashes
 dan ini tampilan make up keseluruhan...psssttt...sorry banyak foto narsis
make up hari ini simple,gak ada shading,soalnya lagi males make up yang gimana-gimana gitu
xixixi...lagi mau tampilan alami...ssstttt biarpun tetep gak bisa jauh-jauh dari eyeliner dan

 untuk make up wajah produk yang kupake cuma 
-Nature republic aloe vera gel sebagai pelembab
-Hera BB cream
tanpa primer,tanpa concealer,and tanpa bedak...
jadi maafkan mata pandaaaa yang gak banget >.<

buat bibir kucuma pake DIY mix lipstick and pake lipgloss urban decay
sekian deh make up look ku buat hari ini....thanks banget kalo yang udah mau mampir
liat-liat foto narsis...and sorry make up ku masih jauh banget dari baguus... T.T
maklum masih belajar-belajar buat dandan yang oke...
buat dandanan sehari-hari aku emang gak terlalu suka pake concealer,primer and compact powder...
lebih suka tampilan basic yang simple..
kalo falsies,karena hari ini lagi kecentilan aja...xixixi...
biasanya aku cuma pake mascara aja

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review+Swatch+EOTD Sariayu Karimun Jawa

Today I will be reviewing local brand eyeshadow from Sariayu
pigmented quality is very good if I think and worth to buy

 Sariayu eyeshadow packaging is simple as eyeshadow in general
This eyeshadow palette is 2013 color trends inspired by the beauty of the coast of central java
back of eyeshadow packaging
very beautiful color combinations
consists of three colors that can be combined to become an attractive appearance
There eyeshadow applicators are also in the packaging , and I really like the unique carvings that exist in each eyeshadow
let's look closer
It's really pretty and unique,right?
for applicators I never use, because I often use eyeshadow brush
swatches of sariayu karimun java eyeshadow
 and this is my EOTD use this eyeshadow palette
(sorry for different lighting)
hope you understand , I am not an expert on make up with colorful eyeshadow
I create this look,combine three colors and use falsies
I really love that purple color,it really pretty and pigmented
product that I use for my eye make up
-Caring colours eye brow pencil
-Etude proof10 eye primer
-NYX jumbo pencil cottage cheese
-Sariayu eyeshadow palette
-Maybelline volume express mascara
-D'eyeko Syahrini "merak" eye lashes
-PAC shimmer white eyeshadow
not much I can say about this eyeshadow
all of the colors is really pigmented,I think this eyeshadow is has good quality with
affordable price
many other color options to choose from this brand
two years ago I had bought Sariayu eyeshadow, and the quality is always satisfying 

thank you because you are willing and pleased to read this post
The above items I bought using my own money , there is no element or promoting commercial
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review MUA Immalculate Eyeshadow Palette

Today I wanna review MUA Immaculate Eyeshadow Palette

which is a palette consisting of twenty four individual shades in a combination of

matte and shimmer/frost shade
I seriously can’t get enough of their products at the moment, they are just so good quality. 
I’m still loving my undressed palette which I review  here 
and I’ve been using MUA palettes to create a look every day.

 this packaging is like another MUA palette
It's just black plastic packaging...sleek and simple 
 but the reason why I really interested about this palette is 24 pretty colors
The packaging is what we have always know from MUA sleek, simple and smart. 
I love this simple and smart packaging
 back of packaging
Unlike MUA's 12-shade palettes, these shades are numbered on the back of packaging
 although I'd still like to see MUA naming their shades like urban decay... lol
The back of the palette also provides a mini make-up Master-Class, showing you how to create a 'Green Smoulder' look use this palette
 What I like about the packaging is the transparent lid
I can see clearly all color from this palette
 Like another MUA palette
This palette come without mirror
I hope sometimes MUA will release new palette with mirror inside
 Here is the palette. It has 24 wonderful colours, including both matte and shimmer.
What I'm really loving about all of the MUA palettes, is that they always have a great mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows.
 the applicator is comfortable to use , but I prefer using eyeshadow brush that I have
(this aplicator would be very useful if you forget ur eyeshadow brush)
  I've swatched 24 pretty colors for you so you can see just how they show on the skin
I swatched all color without primer 
  I love all the colours, except with shade 20 and 23 they are not pigmented enough to pick up. I applied 3 times of each of the colours
They were chalky, had no pigmentation

this is my opinion about this palette
-It has 24 great and pretty eyeshadow color combination of matte and shimmer
-It's really highly pigmented eyeshadows except 2 matte shade no 20 and 23
-It has creamy texture...I really love this eyeshadow texture
-It's easily blendable   
-very affordable and inexpensive eyeshadow palette
-Professional and smart packaging
-It's great for neutral look and great for make up experiment
-little bit powdery but it's oke in my mind
I seriously recommend these products, they are such value for money and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 
Do you own the Immaculate Collection Palette? Do you like the look of it? Let me know all

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Review Etude House Etoinette Heart Highlighter

how are you all?
I hope you are always good to be able look beautiful always
surely all women always want to look beautiful

Today I will be reviewing products from Etude House highlighter , highlighter is used to highlight the sheen on cheekbones , forehead and to make face look more glow 

like Heart Etoinette blusher in my previous review HERE,
I really falling in love with Etoinette line product
 highlighter from this series are also packaged in a beautiful and very plasticity girl with soft pink shades box
the box is unique because there are feet on the bottom of the box , beautiful and different from the box in general..that's why this Etoinette series look so princess
when the box is opened directly visible 10 pretty heart , highlighternya indeed separate from the container , perhaps to keep the heart not to crack or break
let's take a closer look at 10 pieces of a heart that 's so pretty and cute
so unique right?pretty always
comes with soft pink jar...really cute design and concept
white puff inside the jar that looks very sweet , pretty and cute
white puff with cute ribbon
the container is empty , all colour is soft pink...I love this colour
taaadaaaa .... 10 cute hearts had gone into beautiful container >.<
I moved to a container with extreme caution..must be carefull
because the hearts is so easily cracked and broken
Now let's look at the container ... pink colored and made ​​of plastic material
which makes it look very beautiful container is unique pattern and beautiful color combination
the bottom of the container is also unique , beautiful and cute
 can you see this pretty "etude house" pretty right?
I love this packaging so much,look so pretty..feel like princess
swatch of my hand...3 different colors
all color is shimmer , but don't worry because the shimmer  is not excessive
it's not too much..pretty shimmer
...after use this cute highlighter..
this is my opinion
-It has soft pretty use this highlighter
-long lasting even in my oily skin
-pretty and unique packaging
-work great for higlight my cheekbone and forehead
-pricey and 10hearts is never enough >.< lol wanna more

thanks for reading..and I hope you enjoy my review
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY : Let's mixing lipstick to get new lipstick

I believe that sometimes we get bored with the color of lipstick that we have,
and sometimes we are disappointed because the lipstick color is too dark or too pale
today I will share how to mix two or even three lipstick colors together to produce a new color

items needed include: 
-lipstick with two or three different colors (as you wish)
-thread (for cutting lipstick,or you can use knife..but I prefer use thread)
-candle (to melt the lipstick)
-a small metal spoon(to melt the lipstick container)
-a small container (to hold the molten lipstick) 
my lipstick that I use
because the one is too pale and the one is too dark for me
(I have cut two lipsticks in a thread that wound slowly)
I use revlon colorbust lipstick 070 soft nude and 030 fuchsia
(I am curious about the colors that will be produced)
after it melted lipsticks over a candle flame until it melts a whole
make sure all the lipstick melted perfectly and the colors blend
 (sorry I did not include photos of the process , because my hands are busy melting lisptick)
prepare a small container to hold the molten lipstick
pour the melted lipstick into the container , allow it to cool for a while
(after a cold can be entered into the freezer or left to freeze by itself)
and I get a new color , many colors can be mixed to produce new colors
(for more hygienic , use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick)
next time I 'll try to mix different colors of lipstick that I had
do you ever mix lipstick colors that you have?
if you have never been, I think this way is worth to try
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review Etude House Lip & Eye Remover

Today I wanna review Etude House Lip & Eye make up remover
I really need make up remover especially when I use waterproof product
like mascara and eyeliner...and I always clean my lips too

one bottle contains 100ml and sorry I forgot the price >.<
I buy this item when Etude House's event

simple packaging right?
It has two distinct layers...the blue and clear liquid
so before use,I must shake to mix the two layers together
and the I use cotton pad to remove my eye make up
 after shake
description in back of packaging

I hope you can see clearly this product ingredients
description how to use this product
 let's take a look at this product performance

my eye make up before cleaning proses
smokey eyes and I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara
 then I clean my eye one by one
place the cleaner onto cotton
  stick cotton into your eyes and let a few minutes and then wipe it gently and slowly
 always remember that eyes area is very thin and sensitive,do not rub too strong .. do it gently
 all eye makeup that has been lifted
 my eyes clean and free of make- up
 If you use false lashes or ur mascara is difficult to clean
you can use cotton bud and again do it gently and slowly

This is my opinion about Etude Lip & Eye Make Up Remover
-can clear eye makeup very well
-can cleanse waterproof makeup very well
 -do not make my eye stinging
- not sticky after cleaning
- fragrance products like baby oil
These products are readily available at Etude House
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