Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review Etude House Lip & Eye Remover

Today I wanna review Etude House Lip & Eye make up remover
I really need make up remover especially when I use waterproof product
like mascara and eyeliner...and I always clean my lips too

one bottle contains 100ml and sorry I forgot the price >.<
I buy this item when Etude House's event

simple packaging right?
It has two distinct layers...the blue and clear liquid
so before use,I must shake to mix the two layers together
and the I use cotton pad to remove my eye make up
 after shake
description in back of packaging

I hope you can see clearly this product ingredients
description how to use this product
 let's take a look at this product performance

my eye make up before cleaning proses
smokey eyes and I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara
 then I clean my eye one by one
place the cleaner onto cotton
  stick cotton into your eyes and let a few minutes and then wipe it gently and slowly
 always remember that eyes area is very thin and sensitive,do not rub too strong .. do it gently
 all eye makeup that has been lifted
 my eyes clean and free of make- up
 If you use false lashes or ur mascara is difficult to clean
you can use cotton bud and again do it gently and slowly

This is my opinion about Etude Lip & Eye Make Up Remover
-can clear eye makeup very well
-can cleanse waterproof makeup very well
 -do not make my eye stinging
- not sticky after cleaning
- fragrance products like baby oil
These products are readily available at Etude House
thank you because you are willing and pleased to read this post
The above items I bought using my own money , there is no element or promoting commercial
I hope you like and enjoy this post

I appreciate all comments and suggestions from you guys 
and I hope we can follow and support each other
follow my blog if you don't mind
thank you so much
have a nice day

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  1. sounds great!

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