Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review ICHIKAMI Hair Treatment Kracie

in this post I will be reviewing hair care products
my hair is quite problematic because while the oily scalp dry hair ends
I always use a product that can make the ends of my hair soft
I was intrigued by this product when I was shopping at the Guardian

I love the packaging of this product ... color combination of black and pink looks very fit and beautiful
back of this packaging
 Japanese tradition of natural ingredients in this product

extra content camellias, complete rice and walnut oil in these products
after shampooing , apply evenly to the hair ... then let a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly
recommended the use of 3 times a week
hair care products help the hair from damage so keep hair healthy and beautiful
discontinue use if your scalp feels itchy and do not use if there are cuts in the scalp
packaging is practical and easy to carry
This product is quite thick and the scent is very natural
I have used this product many times

and this is my judgment on this product
-This product does not make my head greasy
-my hair felt smoother and softer
-fragrant scent and very natural scent
-easy to use,no need to use hot towel
-easy to can purchase at Guardian
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  1. Sharing aja... Bila mencari produk Ichikami atau beauty prod Jpn lainnya bisa melalui ol shop ini. Ramah & cepat pelyanan nya.


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