Friday, March 1, 2013

Review Etude House Pearl Extract mask

Today I will be reviewing the mask from etude house again
 having tried variants of honey ... I'm very satisfied
you can check out my review here
I love this pretty that colour
back of packaging
active ingredients of this mask is pearl extract that can makes skin natural glow
that's product claim
korean language >.<
can't understand
I really love this mask because
-makes my skin look brighter
-less-dull looking
-my skin feel soft and supple
-not makes me breakout
-soft scents
-affordable prices
-easy to buy
-really work good for my skin
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  1. Hello.
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  2. ohh!! pearl extract ..
    i ever read if pearl extract could help us to brighter our skin .
    thank you for review

  3. yes....this mask can brighten my skin....
    And I love this mask......
    Thanks for visit too dear....
    Love that you wanna leave comments...
    Take care


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