Friday, March 22, 2013

Review Etude House Etoinette Heart Highlighter

how are you all?
I hope you are always good to be able look beautiful always
surely all women always want to look beautiful

Today I will be reviewing products from Etude House highlighter , highlighter is used to highlight the sheen on cheekbones , forehead and to make face look more glow 

like Heart Etoinette blusher in my previous review HERE,
I really falling in love with Etoinette line product
 highlighter from this series are also packaged in a beautiful and very plasticity girl with soft pink shades box
the box is unique because there are feet on the bottom of the box , beautiful and different from the box in general..that's why this Etoinette series look so princess
when the box is opened directly visible 10 pretty heart , highlighternya indeed separate from the container , perhaps to keep the heart not to crack or break
let's take a closer look at 10 pieces of a heart that 's so pretty and cute
so unique right?pretty always
comes with soft pink jar...really cute design and concept
white puff inside the jar that looks very sweet , pretty and cute
white puff with cute ribbon
the container is empty , all colour is soft pink...I love this colour
taaadaaaa .... 10 cute hearts had gone into beautiful container >.<
I moved to a container with extreme caution..must be carefull
because the hearts is so easily cracked and broken
Now let's look at the container ... pink colored and made ​​of plastic material
which makes it look very beautiful container is unique pattern and beautiful color combination
the bottom of the container is also unique , beautiful and cute
 can you see this pretty "etude house" pretty right?
I love this packaging so much,look so pretty..feel like princess
swatch of my hand...3 different colors
all color is shimmer , but don't worry because the shimmer  is not excessive
it's not too much..pretty shimmer
...after use this cute highlighter..
this is my opinion
-It has soft pretty use this highlighter
-long lasting even in my oily skin
-pretty and unique packaging
-work great for higlight my cheekbone and forehead
-pricey and 10hearts is never enough >.< lol wanna more

thanks for reading..and I hope you enjoy my review
I waiting all comment from you all
have a nice day

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  1. omg, lucuk banget, how much?
    I'm your new follower :)

  2. haiii dear,,thanks udah di follow....
    aku beli sekitar 240an kalo gak salah....
    thanks udah follow dear....

  3. ahh.. cute bgt ! packagingnya apalagi unyuu..
    oh ak follow blog km yaaaaa..jgn lupa folback n mampir blog aku yak

    thank u^^

  4. haiiii...thanks udah follow...
    etoinette emang racun banget..gak nahan packaging and love nya..unyuuu abizzz...
    ku sering berkunjung loh ke blog ur post sist


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