Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review MUA Immalculate Eyeshadow Palette

Today I wanna review MUA Immaculate Eyeshadow Palette

which is a palette consisting of twenty four individual shades in a combination of

matte and shimmer/frost shade
I seriously can’t get enough of their products at the moment, they are just so good quality. 
I’m still loving my undressed palette which I review  here 
and I’ve been using MUA palettes to create a look every day.

 this packaging is like another MUA palette
It's just black plastic packaging...sleek and simple 
 but the reason why I really interested about this palette is 24 pretty colors
The packaging is what we have always know from MUA sleek, simple and smart. 
I love this simple and smart packaging
 back of packaging
Unlike MUA's 12-shade palettes, these shades are numbered on the back of packaging
 although I'd still like to see MUA naming their shades like urban decay... lol
The back of the palette also provides a mini make-up Master-Class, showing you how to create a 'Green Smoulder' look use this palette
 What I like about the packaging is the transparent lid
I can see clearly all color from this palette
 Like another MUA palette
This palette come without mirror
I hope sometimes MUA will release new palette with mirror inside
 Here is the palette. It has 24 wonderful colours, including both matte and shimmer.
What I'm really loving about all of the MUA palettes, is that they always have a great mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows.
 the applicator is comfortable to use , but I prefer using eyeshadow brush that I have
(this aplicator would be very useful if you forget ur eyeshadow brush)
  I've swatched 24 pretty colors for you so you can see just how they show on the skin
I swatched all color without primer 
  I love all the colours, except with shade 20 and 23 they are not pigmented enough to pick up. I applied 3 times of each of the colours
They were chalky, had no pigmentation

this is my opinion about this palette
-It has 24 great and pretty eyeshadow color combination of matte and shimmer
-It's really highly pigmented eyeshadows except 2 matte shade no 20 and 23
-It has creamy texture...I really love this eyeshadow texture
-It's easily blendable   
-very affordable and inexpensive eyeshadow palette
-Professional and smart packaging
-It's great for neutral look and great for make up experiment
-little bit powdery but it's oke in my mind
I seriously recommend these products, they are such value for money and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 
Do you own the Immaculate Collection Palette? Do you like the look of it? Let me know all

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  1. Wahhhh br nemu MUA sesudah aku beli SLEEK huhuhu
    btw I just followed ur blog ya ;)

    1. Waaah aku malah belom pernah nyobain sleek....
      Penasaraan sama sleek.wish list next time.....
      Thanks for follow dear.....tq banget

  2. Hi Lina..!
    I have this too..! Love it so much ^^

    1. Yeaaah...tosss....i love this palette too.....
      Love that pretty color...thanks for visit

  3. aahhh jadi pengen beli MUA tapi masi bingung mau yang mana, warna2 terang sudah ada. pengen yg natural n smokey. Belinya dimana

  4. Warna netral banyak pilihan kok brand MUA.....
    Ada seri undressed udah ku review di post sebelumnya....
    Undress me juga natural banget.....
    Belinya bisa di ol shop facebook....
    -bunny beaute cosmetica
    -chuchu cha
    -paulineboutique(itu multiply)
    And banyak juga yang jual lainnya.......
    Thanks for visit

  5. aku punya yang Undress me too, tapi....
    >.< gak pigmented di aku T_T padahal warnanya bagus-bagus

  6. coba pake eye primer...coz menurutku maybe lid matamu berminyak...
    kalo sejauh ini kupake sih brand MUA gak pernah bikin kecewa say...
    and harganya tergolong murah >.< sayang banget kalo di kamu gak pigmented


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