Saturday, February 2, 2013

REVIEW : Royal Jelly Mask Sheet by Etude House

 Today I wanna talk about Etude House I need you royal jelly mask sheet...
This product contains highly nutrition royal jelly which restore skin health and soothes the skin after being damaged by poluttion,debris and weather...

front of the packaging there is an image of royal jelly and yellow packaging
back of the packaging says the product description and how to use
 information of this mask

 you can see the price...enough affordable
prior to the use of my face looks very dull and looks so bad >.<
my face full of redness T.T
 and I really love this mask...
This is the first time I fell in love with the mask ...
previously I 've often wear masks other brands ..
and this includes the best sheet mask I've ever used
I would buy again for sure...
 why I love this mask sheet :
-It's really mouistrizing my skin as well
-Make my face look healthier,softer and brighter
-I love the scent of this royal jelly mask
-No sticky after use
-Moisture effects last long enough..the effect was still about 3 days
-affordable prices.. I think the price is definitely cheaper in online shop
-It doesn't makes my skin breakout

thanks you for reading my review...
results in the use of each one may be different and I am reviewing this product based on personal opinion...
hope you all enjoy my review...
and feel free to leave comments below...
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have a nice day all and Gbu always...


  1. Waaahhh *ngiler*
    Thank you for the review :D very useful
    *brb lari ke etude house terdekat*

    1. Iya say....
      Thanks juga udah mampir baca reviewku...
      Baguus sih menurutku maskernya....

  2. Thanks for the review! Seems like a great mask!

    1. Haiii thanks for visiting my blog....
      Yeah I really love this mask....

  3. Wow iyaa ce Lina kelihatan lebih bright deh mukanyaa!
    Nice sharing cecee (^.^)/

  4. Iya soalnya wajah emang lagi kusem banget dan suka banget hasil maskernya..thanks for visit erna

  5. I don't like this mask (the royal jelly one) it's too sticky and do nothing for my skin, too bad~ T^T


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