Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Dupe for Naked2 Palette : New MUA Undress Me Eyeshadow Palette

I was very excited when I saw this picture on MUA facebook

Let's look this new eyeshadow palette from MUA
as you can see this palette has neutral colour
 *this photo taken by MUA facebook and website*
Let's look swatch colour
so pretty right...and I have urban decay naked2 palette
In my opinion this palette is great dupe for naked2
the color really looks the same from the arrangement and selection of colors in this palette

and,let's look my urban decay naked2 palette
 arrangement of the colors really look alike
and MUA palette is a very economical than urban decay naked2 palette

let's look my naked2 swatch 
if you wanna read my review about naked2 palette you  can click here
In my opinion
concepts of color and sequence composition of colors in this palette both really do look very similar
on the issue of quality eyeshadow I can not comment because I have not used the brand of MUA eyeshadow
but I really wanna try this palette

due to the daily use of MUA eyeshadow palette will be more efficient and

let me know what do you think about this MUA new palette?
Do you plan to purchase this palette?
if you ask me ... I answer "of course , but I'm still a bit confused what to order from anywhere ... "
if you know where I could order this eyeshadow palette , please tell me.. >.<
I'm really excited and wanna try this palette
I want to have naked2 palette with a more economical version.. >.<

thank you for reading
and I'm waiting all the information and comments from you
have a nice day


  1. oh wow, gotta try the mua palette out! thanks for the info :)

  2. Thanks for visit too dear....
    I really wanna try this palette... >.< So excited

  3. Cant wait to try.. wish not priecy like UD hoho..

  4. I can't wait to try too >.<
    MUA is more cheaper I believe.....

  5. cuma 110an kl ga salah. Si Agnes pernah review, dia sih belinya di pauline butik.

    1. kalo yang di review sama agnes itu palette undressed dupenya naked1
      ini baru rilis hehehehe
      jdi belum ada yang pake tuh..xixixi
      apalagi kita di indonesia mesti sabar menanti

  6. hwaaa..cakep banget >,<
    lin, klu boleh aku kasih saran, untuk latar dalam settingan blog kamu jangan d bikin transparan donk..perlu ekstra usaha keras buat baca :'(
    hanya saran lho yaa.. so sorry klu ga berkenan >,<

  7. Iya cakeeep memang palettenya
    Latar blog yach?pengen ganti sih....
    >.< Maklum gak jago desain2 yang bagus nih T.T
    Next deh ku coba utak-atik....
    Btw thanks yach sarannya......

  8. this MUA pallet is the most popular eyeshadow in some make up tutorials i ever found on youtube. those colours are suitable for every moment!

    1. yeah ...I think this is great eyeshadow...
      that's why I really wanna try..
      thanks for visit my blog

  9. barusan liat palette ini di multiply.. masuk di flash sale.. haga sebelum diskonnya 115rb >.< jadi kepengennnn

    1. iyaaaaa pengen banget punyaaaa
      menggoda banget deh...murah dan kece buat daily..hehehe
      thanks for visit yach say

  10. @zy liat dimana say? duh ngilerrrrr 'Q'

    1. xixixi di bunny beaute cosmetica buka PO say...aku request...hehehe
      thanks for visit

  11. OMG warnanya bgs bgt....
    Never heard MUA before? Brand Indo atau luar?

  12. Iya warnanya bagus.....
    Brand luar sis,produk UK......
    Cantik banget memang....
    Aku aja kesemsem...xixixii

  13. hi, you can get it online here
    and they also have a dupe for naked1 :)
    nice blog


    Inspirations Have I None

  14. Yes..thanks for visit my blog.....
    And I have order this palette..... >.<
    I can't wait to try this palette
    Yeah I know that you mean dupe naked1 is undressed palette and I'll review as soon as possible....
    thanks dear


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