Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review MUA Artiste Palette

This time I will review Artiste Palette MUA, I have some  palette from this brand
The price is quite affordable,of course I buy this palette when discount 
Previously I've reviewed the palette 
reason to buy this palette because I think this palette is very practical for traveling, all you need is in this palette 

let's look closer packaging
MUA pallet packaging always looks the same , with black packaging and transparent lid
back of packaging
I really like idea of this palette,one palette with six eyeshadows, a bronzer, 2 blushes, and a highlighter 
all in one palette , it's super travel friendly, and I think all of color look so beautiful

This palette packaging thicker than the other MUA palettes

and this is all of color in this palette
The Palette contains 6 marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushers, one bronzer and one highlighter:
and also come with eyeshadow aplicator and again MUA palette not including mirror inside
swatches of blush,bronzer and highlighter
The blushes feel a little chalky upon first swatch, but when you actually apply them, they are really nice quality
-Pink Sparkle  is bright coral shade with shimmery finish color
-Primrose is matte neutral pink which is so pretty for daily make up
-Bronzer is brown color,I just use for contouring sometimes,if I use as a bronzer is really too dark for me
-Shimmer kiss is light pearl pink color,is really look's pretty for highlighting my browbone and highlight my nose,it's easy to blend

The eyeshadows are pretty nice quality 
all of color is so pigmented,not powdery and it's really nice for natural look
and you can makes smokey eye make up too

makeup eyeshadow colors from left to right

-Pistachio - A whitish aqua green base with deep blue marbling.On my skin it looks silver tone white
-Mocca- pearl off white base with greyish marbling. On Skin looks very light almond brown color
-Ice - A sky blue base with bright blue marbling. On Skin this looks a shimmery blue
-Grape- A metallic purple shade with light blue marbling. On skin look a beautiful shimmer finish purple.
this one is my favourite color
-Chocolate- A shinning bronze base with creamy marbling. Shimmer copper-bronze shade towards golden shimmering,and this one is my favourite color too
-Cookie- Brown shade with pink peach marbling. On skin looks brown with pear finish
my eye make-up look use this palette

what I like about this palette is
-this palette comes with two blushers, one bronzer  and a highlighter 
-practical and easy carry for traveling
-all of eyeshadow is pigmented
-the blush color is good and pigmented
-eyeshadow colors suitable for everyday makeup
-the price is really affordable when discount

what I don't like about this palette is :
-the bronzer is too dark for me
-the blush is little bit powdery

what do you think about this palette?please let me know
I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you guys
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible
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have a nice day
God Bless You


  1. Love the purple!
    Becky xo

  2. wuaa...warna-warnya cantik semua, bentuk/gambar di eyeshadownya juga ga biasa, jadinya eye catching.

    The Cupcake Philosophy

  3. Hai lina, tolong infonya dong bisa beli MUA di surabaya ini dimana.. kebingungan banget pengen nyoba tapi gatau belinya dimana, di konter makeup di TP ga ada.. infonya ya :) thank you

  4. Bisa coba pesan di ol shop aja sist......
    Biasanya banyak juga yang buka PO MUA.....
    Atau coba di pauline boutique juga jual ready stock


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