Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review EYE Eyelash Adhasive Clear White

I tried out my new eyelash glue, EYE eyelash adhesive glue in clear-white,
my best friend gave me this eyelash glue when he came home from malaysia vacation, I'm very happy of course and so excited to try
*credit from google,since I had hurriedly disposed of the packing
this product is clear white eyelash glue and it claim waterproof..hmm I'm not sure about that,but let's try it out
The glue applicator comes in the form of a nozzle. When I took off the eyelash adhesive glue, there was no seal on it.
To use the product, you just need to apply a thin line along the base of the eyelash
for the left and right ends eyelash glue can be added a little thicker , to make false eyelashes are not easily dislodged

and this is my review about eyelash glue
-This glue can make my false eyelashes stick well all day
-After drying, the glue turns into clear white color
-easy to clean and peef off from my false eyelashes
-quick to dry
-sweatproof,my false lashes still stick well after sweating due to hot weather(outdoor)

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