Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish OR202 + Nail Art Look

Today I will review products from etude house nail polish and I will show you my nail art creation
so long time I'm not make a post about nail art
this product I got from " waroeng lucu " online shop ,She also sells a variety of other Korean beauty products , there are also USA products
and the most important is the online shop owners are very welcoming and friendly

This nail polish packaging is so cute and look like ice cream,right?
etude house products are always famous for its unique , cute , and princess packaging 

 color I get there is OR202,I think it's really pretty this color
the packaging really looks like single scoop of ice cream on a cone
super love this cute packaging idea
a wide selection of colors is very tempting

brush aplicator is quite comfortable to use , as it is quite wide so no need to brush up many times
Swatch nail polish on my fingers
 I feel very happy with this color , the color looks very pretty and makes my fingers look beautiful
I apply two coat to make the colors more intense , even for a single time polishing the resulting color is quite pigmented

I also tried to make nail art with this nail polish , I tried to use konad stamp and nail art variation
so,I hope you like my nail art look
-the first one nail art-

 and this is my second look

conclusion about this nail polish
-the packaging is so lovely,cute and so unique
-it has glossy finish
-many very attractive color options
-dries fast
-with one coat the resulting color is pigmented enough
-nice brush aplicator

I hope you all enjoy my review and my nail art look
thank you for reading this post,and follow my blog if you don't mind
take care and have a nice day all


  1. wahhh baguss xD
    sayangnya aku ga terlalu pinter bikin nail art dan ga terlalu suka sama kutek hehe

    1. iya,thanks sist
      kalo aku emang suka banget sama nail art dan dunia kuteks-kuteks an
      thanks for vsit say

  2. lucu bangeeeeeeet >_<
    warnanya juga oke banget peach peach gitu
    kreatif deh kakak :D

  3. Hi dear, I nominated you on Liebster Award!

    kindly check the post bellow

  4. huwaa...packagingnya lucu, warna nya juga cantik >.<
    nail artnya kawaiii ^^

    The Cupcake Philosophy

    1. thank sist...
      warna-warna kuteksnya emang menggoda + kemasannya lucuuuu...
      thanks for visit yach

  5. i love your nail!! looks so cute!!

  6. Thanks a lot dear.....
    Thank you for kindly visit my blog......
    Take care dear


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