Thursday, May 16, 2013

Naomi False Eyelashes "Special Edition"

Today I will review false eyelashes again, lately I really like to use false eyelashes, of course, the most important when you wear false eyelashes existing models and levels of comfort while wearing false eyelashes
I'm interested in a variety of models of false eyelashes and a great selection of attractive models , so far I have always used a variety of brands of false eyelashes

This time I'm trying to use the reviews and I was " naomi false eyelashes " if you are interested you can check facebook 
"Bulu Mata Naomi Eyelash" , just click here 

This is a special edition , packaged in a pretty box , and that got me interested was in one package there are a wide selection of attractive models eyelashes

 there are 12 kinds of false eyelashes model selection, very interesting and I think the false eyelashes and look very dolly-like false eyelashes Japanese models are quite expensive, I think you all know what brands that I mean 
 the price is also very affordable , with IDR 150.000,- already can get 12 pairs of false eyelashes , the price is quite satisfactory and comparable to the satisfaction received
and I also show the results of my make- up using these false eyelashes

so that's so many spam picture, I hope you all enjoy 
detail of my eye make-up
 I use the top lashes and bottom lashes to make- up creations this time

and this is my full make-up look

I love naomi false eyelashes , because of the length and pattern of false eyelashes is in accordance with the size of the eye, I think is very easy to use even for beginners is also certainly very easy, good lashes pattern, not too long or short 
These lashes are also not heavy on the eye and does not make eye sore or tired

I 've tried using several models of  naomi false eyelashes  and so far everything is very convenient to use
for the affordable price and the many model options and comfort during use, I'm very satisfied with the quality of these lashes 
of course, I also recommend for you who love the false eyelashes,naomi false eyelashes can be an option for you 

I'm purely judging quality false eyelashes is based on my own assessment 
and whether or not you fit with these products back to their own opinions 

thank you for reading my post
I hope you all enjoy and like this post

I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you guys
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible
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  1. fb km kena hack ya?

    1. Iya kena hack sama ol shop gak jelas gitu.....
      Foto and nama account diganti semua.....
      Bikin beteee........

  2. KYAAAA...... Cute banget >.<
    bulu matanya juga keren nih, 1 box isi 12 pasang bulmat beda beda cuma 150ribu. Ga kuat iman nih, pengen order segera, hihihi

    Nice review ^-^

    1. Iya,terjangkaaaau and puas sama model and kualitasnya,a
      Ayooo diorder,xixiixixi....
      Menebar racun,tapi racun ini worth it abizz say....
      Thanks for visit yach

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks yach sist laureeeen.....
      Kece karena make-up aja kalo gak sayu and keliatan sipiiit
      Thanks for visit


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