Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review Sariayu Duo Lip Function Kelimutu K-02

today is my review of the local product "Sariayu" 
 so far I always use a cleanser , toner , peeling scrub
My mom really like lipstick from this brand
I finally tried to buy a lipstick which I think is pretty and natural color
beautiful plastic of packaging is damaged and torn T.T
looks very plain.... :(

duo lip function
yeah...2 in 1..lipstick and lipgloss in one package
really natural color
package look bigger and longer than lipstick in general...yeah this is 2 in 1 product
lipstick colors are beautiful and look very natural
lip gloss that looks cute and tiny .. tiny compared to other brands of lip gloss
lipgloss applicator is convenient to use and pleasing to the application on the lips
swatch color of the lipstick and lip gloss
I love this lipgloss because it has shimmer
in my lips,lipstick only
in my lips,with lipgloss
I take this photo with this colour
and finally this is my opinion about this product
-the color looks very natural
-not makes my lips dry
-I love shimmer of this lipgloss
-practically in one product can get 2 functions at once
- suitable for daily really practical and natural
- the price is very affordable
 Thank you for reading my post about this product
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  1. kalau liat posting tentang lipstik pink itu jadi ngenes sendiri
    gak cocok kalau pake T_T
    tapi ini cantik ya warnanya ce :3


  2. Kenapa gak cocok sis?
    Pink cewek banget sih warnanya dan kusuka soalnya ini alami banget....
    Thanks for visit yach

  3. the power of local brand <3 nice review dear.. hihi
    I'm your new follower anyway, visit mine too and followback if you enjoy yaa~

    1. iya local brand gak kalah bagus loh
      thanks udah berkunjung and udah berkenan follow aku
      I'll visit and foll u back say

  4. Replies
    1. iya sukaaa sama warnanya...thanks for visit rin

  5. aku juga pake lipstick sariayu warna peach, bagus banget hasilnya gak numpang.. menyatu aja bawaannya bikin pede :D
    anyway lipsgloss-nya lebih bagus nih hehehe

    1. iya lipglossnya glossy and shimmernya cantikkk...
      thanks for visit yach say...
      lipstick sariayu banyak banget warnanya...pengen punya semua...xixixi


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