Wednesday, February 13, 2013

L'oreal hydrafresh antishine durably hydrating & mattifying icy gel-review

Today I wanna review about this daycream...
When I saw this "hydrating and mattifying gel for shiny skin"
I feel so excited to try this icy gel...
 let's look the packaging...
standard like the other moisturizer that I've tried
the photos below are 4 sided box of l' oreal
--first side--
 --second side--
product claim and direction
 --third side--
product ingredients
 --fourth side--
paper contains description of the product 
Written in Indonesian languange

  jar packaging
there is a cover layer jar
 inside the jar
as this product in a jar,I always use small spatula to get this product out.
 swatch on my hand
I think this gel smell like's a soft gel like texture
I feel my skin hydrated enough,not too moisturised as to take my skin get oily..
I love this gel because is quickly absorbed
I have been using this for about one month...
and I wanna sharing my review for this mouisturizer
-this product give me cooling's really great for hot weather
-this gel absorb quickly
-it's not sticky and non greasy
-mattifies my skin
-makes my skin turns softer after the gel absorbed
-T-zone on my face is no longer oily 
-this gel smells it
-not face still fresh and soft after few hours..
-This product is quite affordable price...about 9$..and you get a lot of product(50ml in jar)
-great for oily and combination skin type

-jar packaging is not higienic,I must use spatula
-no SPF..must to use a separate sunscreen

I love this hydrafresh anti shine icy gel...
I will repurchase and now is my primary mouisturizer...

thank you for reading..
and feel free to leave comment below...

and this is my honest opinion...
results in the use of each one may be different...
I review this product based on the results of my personal use...


  1. Yes...I've oily skin...and this one is great.....
    But that's in my opinion.....

  2. hi I left you a comment on your MUA vs NAKED 2 post on where to get it

    im following your blog now


    Inspirations Have I None

  3. haiiii dear..thanks for follow my blog
    yeah...I've read ur comment in my post
    and thanks for visit

  4. Thanks for sharing. Now I use Loreal Revitalift, but I plan to change it with this product loreal hydrafresh next month.


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