Friday, February 15, 2013

my eye make up look with 4 different false lashes

There are 3 eye makeup and 3 different false eyelashes  in this post
in this post I'm not a lot of words 
just enjoy my photo >.<
hope you enjoy this post
-the first lashes-
love this pattern look so unique

-the second false lashes-
this is my favourite for my daily and natural make up
looks really natural and I feel like not using false eyelashes
very light in my eyes and of course not look too fake for daily
natural pretty for daily look

-the third false lashes-
This eyelash models extends beyond the end of
so unique..right?
I love this one
but sorry I forgot to include the photo of this eyelashes >.<

 -the fourth lashes-
this one is my favourite , this one extends beyond the tip of lashes  
really love this one
because this one makes my eyes looks bigger
suitable for smokey eye makeup look

thank you for reading my post
I hope you enjoy it
waiting for all the suggestions and comments from you gals
have a nice day all
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  1. cantik semua <3 aq suka yg ke dua x3

    visit my blog ^^

  2. Haiiii thanks yach say.....
    Iya yang kedua favoritku buat sehari-hari
    Alami banget......hihihii.....
    Oke pasti ku kunjungi blognya....

  3. yang pertama natural banget lin,..
    btw, lovee your new layout!! yeaiii

  4. Yach modelnya unik silang-silang dan pas dipake natural banget.....
    Yeah..senengnya dikunjungin sm cewek cantik...xixixi.....
    Thanks for visit

  5. wah belinya darimana sis? natural banget dan bagus hasil akhirnya >.<

  6. Beli di silmy's eyelash ada di facebook say accountnya.....
    Hihihii dan di samping blogku juga ada bannernya.....
    Dan sering kubahas kok bulmat ini....
    Thanks for visit

  7. aku suka yg pertama dear, pattern nya lucu n dipake di kamunya oke :)

    follow me back if you mind ^^

  8. Haiii haiii...iya juga suka model pola falsiesnya......
    Thanks for visit.....
    Okee...ku follback yach say....


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