Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review : Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

one of the products which is very important for me is concealer
because dark circles under my eyes are very disturbing,make the face look dull and looks like being sick
after watching one of bubzbeauty video on youtube, I am very interested in the concealer palette that she use
I always interested in the concealer for cover my dark circles , redness , and sometimes for acne scars

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
 This concealer is simple and small , packed in white plastic
package contents can be seen clearly because the packaging lid is transparent 
and this palette is easy to store and carry,of course this palette is really travel friendly
 information written on the back of palette
  existing product information in paper packaging
 Ingredients of the product is complete and clearly written
as a user of this product , we can find out what is contained in these products
This palette comes with two concealers, one neutralizer, and one transculent powder
 This palette has two different shades in which you can mix together to find your perfect shade. 
 Lightest shade and darkest shade next to each other
This palette also contains a translucent power to set the concealers. The formula of the concealers is very creamy is medium-full coverage
There is also a neutralizer/green concealer which can be applied over any red blemishes or hyper pigmentation to cancel out the redness on my face
 swatch of this concealer palette
I think this concealer would be best for fair-light possibly medium skin tones, they don't have any other shades for darker skin tones.
I did't really have a problem with acne scars / black spots, the most important for me is concealer to cover the dark circles under both of my eyes and redness that often exist in my face 
 for first step I use the second color of this palette and then I use the light concealer color for cover everything perfectly

-Shade of this concealer palette perfectly match to my skintone
-Covering darkcircle and redness in my face perfectly
-Great for travel is practical,small and complete in one palette
-Easy to blend,sometimes I use my fingers,brush or sponge
-doesn' t make my skin oily or irritated

- it always seems to crease after a few hours,is about 4 hours
-the setting powder makes my eyes area feel so dry
-difficult to buy these products , should be booked through the online shop

I'm quite satisfied with this conceler, to trick the eye area is easy to dry after a few hours, I always put eyecream before using this concelaer 
What is your favorite/HG concealer?Let me know...
because I'm still keep looking for concealer that can be my HG product
I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you guys
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible
follow my blog if you all do not mind and of course I 'll follow back
have a nice day
God Bless You


  1. wow nice review... I've been watching bubzbeauty chanel too =) I've also having a dark circle. so where did you buy this platte??? I would like to buy too =) new follower to your blog =) http://chubzlicious.blogspot.com/

  2. Hai,I'm buy this palette from FD female daily forim.......
    Thanks for follow my blog.....
    I'm so happy if you like my post......
    Thanks for visit dear.........

  3. Hello, may I know where do you buy this concealer and how much is it?
    I ever browse through google to get this product, but I can't found the online shop that sells this item.
    Actually after watching bubzbeauty channel I get interested with this product <3 hhehehe.
    Glad to read your review anyway :)


  4. Hello dear......
    I buy this concealer from female daily forum......
    You can check at female daily,beauty warehouse at mimo
    I'm so glad if you like my review.....
    Thank you so much for visiting dear.......

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