Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder-Dark Brown

I always have trouble every use eyebrow pencil , the results do not always look neat and different looks thin thickness between left and right
before has this product , I usually use a brown eyeshadow for my eyebrows
This is the first time I bought an eyebrow powder 

NYX eyebrow cake powder packaging
mine is ECP 02-Dark Brown
 unique words that exist in the packaging and made ​​me very interested
"for those movie star brows"
 the packaging is not very big and I think is very practical for travel
transparant lid and can be opened from the left packaging
back of packaging
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Ingredients
 When I open this NYX eyebrow kit

 This product contains 
one brow wax , two shades of eyebrow pressed powder , an angle brush , and a spoolie(mascara wand)
What that I like from this eyebrow kit
-the wax is make my eyebrows look neater , formed , also maintain the shape of my eyebrows
not feel heavy on my brow
-there are two color of eyebrow powder , dark brown and light brown , I often mix two colors or just use the dark brown color
- if I use eyebrow powder too thick, I take the wand and tone it down a tiny bit and helps make it look a bit more natural.
-the little and small packaging,practical for travel
-an affordable price is about IDR 70.000
-This product makes me more easier to draw eyebrows

What I don't like from this eyebrow kit
-angle brush is too stiff and hard , too thick shape also makes it difficult to draw eyebrows , I always use my coastal scents angle brush,you can check out my review here
-no mirror inside this brow kit 

I can make my eyebrows thick , thin ,and whatever that I need
I really like to adjust the eyebrows shape with my eye make-up

I draw thick and thin eyebrows to show the difference
 with brow powder , I more easily control the thickness of the eyebrows that I want
the first photo you  all can see the importance of eyebrows for women...lol
tidy and neat eyebrow is very important to me, even more important than the use eyeshadow...lol
thank you so much for kindly reading this post
I hope you enjoy and like this post
and let's share what's ur favourite eyebrow product?
I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you guys
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible
follow my blog if you all do not mind and of course I 'll follow back
What is your favorite brow product ?

have a nice day
God Bless You


  1. nice review dear... aku juga punya iniii hihii tapi belum smpt review :D

    following you now ;)


  2. thanks dear udah berkunjung....
    ayo dear ditunggu reviewnya...and make-up kecenya
    follback meluncur....

  3. aku juga pake ini! dan cocok banget untuk eyebrowku yg super hairy hehe nice review :D

  4. Haiii...toosss!!
    Sama-sama pake nyx eyebrow powder.......
    Hehehee...thanks for visit dear........

  5. Wkwkwk,tunggu boring yach sab,wkwkwkwkk.......
    Thanks for visit sab

  6. wah kereenn banget gambar alisnya, aku sampai sekarang masih susah gambar alis :(

    aku follow dirimu ya say ^_^


  7. Hai dear,makasih yach udah berkunjung......
    Buat gambar alis asal rajin praktekin aja lama2 pasti bisa sist.......
    Udah berkunjung balik ke blogmu,take care dear

  8. thanks for reviewnya dear... udah lama pengen coba ini, ada review ini jd tambah yakin mo pake... hehehe... btw, itu wax nya dipake setelah pakai powdernya ya dear? atau sebelumnya? maklum ya newbie di per make up an dan blm pernah pakai... hehehe...

    1. Aku sih pake setelah pake powder dear,and waxnya pakenya jangan kebanyakan....seperlunya aja soalnya dikit aja udah cukup bikin alis jadi rapiii......
      Thanks for visit dear........


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