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I had the opportunity to attend the collection event , held on the 20th July , the event was held at the plaza surabaya hotel, I'm very excited to attend this event because because the " collection " brand has not been sold in Indonesia and I  never tried the product from this brand
thanks to Mindy who has given the opportunity for me and other cosmetic lovers in Surabaya to attend this event
Mindy is also a beauty blogger in Surabaya , you can click HERE  to read Mindy's post about this event
This event was held in two session , I attend the second session scheduled at 12.30 pm

When all the guests are present , Ms.Donna as the representative of the "collection" brand start of the event.
the event started with a question and answer each other and we all were there at the event are required to fill out the form that has been provided

 This event was very enjoyable, all the guests in attendance could joking and chatting with each other, and exchange ideas and share a lot of each other's opinions about cosmetics and beauty products
in this way "collection" brand can be known for certain desires and tastes of the market on a cosmetic product 
we all are also asked to choose one of the most interesting photos , there are some photos that can be selected
 from the beginning when all the photos put on the table , I've been very interested in this photo , looks perfect
make- up in this photo looks very sexy and very  attractive
 part of this event that made me very excited is the opportunity to see and try out the various types of products from the "collection" brands

all of these products are very attractive and seductive , all looked excited to try the product directly
many types of products that we can try , all the products we can test and try as much .. very happy indeed , for cosmetics  lovers , it have seemed like heaven,right?? lol
 some products that got me very interested

 2 in 1 product,foundation and concealer in one packaging , very practical and very interesting to try
and it's really travel friendly,right?

 texture of this foundation is not heavy , I think the texture is very similar to the BB Cream
foundation,concealer and powder all in one + SPF15
I'm very interested because the packaging is also very attractive
 sponge is also directly available in packs
The product packaging is very attractive and looks practicall

The product packaging look less attractive when compared to other products
one reason that makes me interested is the colors in this palette
 eyeshadow color in this palette is very pretty and perfect for neutral eyeshadow lovers

 colorful pencil eyeliner
I'm very interested in this product , unfortunately this product is less pigmented and the texture is a bit harsh 
 this eyeshadow palette is very practical for traveling , a lot of interesting color options
lipstick colors are very attractive and very beautiful , I want to bring home all of these lipstick colors
 so pretty...I'm so falling in
 jumbo eyeliner pencil
 his color is very practical to make a smokey eye , apply in the eye and smudge it
texture is soft and easy to blend
 Time for take a pic together
all who attend get one goody bag that contains quite a lot of products
thank you for Mindy and "collection" brand that has hosted this event
I am very happy to meet and share each other with make-up lovers in Surabaya
 have new friends and have new experiences 
from left to right
Glory Chen ,  Me , Olin Sabrina , Yessy , Shasha , Ms.Donna , Shelvi  , Kiki
goodie bag time...hiipiiiie...
we all feel happy and lucky because we have the opportunity to try and bring home "collection" products 
most of these pictures I copy from Mindy's blog 
you can read the post about this event , click HERE
from left to right
Tasya , Katherin , Qonita , Glory , Sabrina , Me , Olin , Yessy , Shasha , Dita , Shelvy , Kiki , Irma , and Lisa
I'm so happy to meet you all , you all a very enjoyable and so friendly
ME , Olin , Shafa , Qonita , Irma , Dita and Sabrina continue go to the mall after the event
 can you all guess this location?lol
 take a pic together again
Dita , Sabrina,Olin,Irma,Qonita, me and Shafa(she is so pretty like Aishwarya Ray,right??)
my goodie bag from "collection"

I get 12 products , yeah...I'm very excited and so happy
so sad that I didn't get any lipstick , but I got 2 type of concealer...hiippiiee..yeaah 
and the other products is cream blush , powder blush , mini eyeshadow palette , foundation , mascara , lipgloss , and variant of eyeliner 
I have tried the foundation and concealer , I will review after using the product long enough
thank you "collection" , Ms. donna and Mindy who has held this event 
 thank you also for the products given to me , I'm very happy and excited to try

I hope "collection" coming soon and sold in Indonesia
"collection" brand is also quite affordable , you can check the website collection HERE
I'm waiting and hoping soon this brand can exist in Indonesia

thank you so much for reading this post
Which product do you think the most interesting?
 and I'm waiting for the opinion of which product would I review it first
just let me know


  1. wah asyiknyaa dpet 12 items... aq cm 10.. trnyata abis itu msih jj lg toh... aq ud djmput wktu itu... :P

    1. yaaah aku dapat 12 item,tapi aku gak dapat satupun lippen... T.T i''m so in love sama lippie productnya...xixixixi

  2. OMG ini yang formerly collection 2000 kan? concealernya kan highly raved banget sama beauty guru di youtube haha

    1. iya....and aku seneng banget kebagian concealer...xixixi
      must to try product....

    2. omgg bisa dibeli dimana dan kapan yaaaaa

  3. ahh itu concealernya yang aku penmgennn *ga dapet* hikz :(

    1. Welehh Shasha, meratapi concealer di mana2 LOL! aq juga mau meratap ah, lip stainnnnn :p

    2. shasha and mindy : whoaaa saling meratapiiii,karena gak pernah puas dan cukuppp,terlalu banyak godaan produk,,,lol

  4. Thanks for the entry, Lina :D! So jealous that you get the powder blush, i didn't get it! Haha :p

    1. ur welcome and u know everyone so jealous with 33 stuft that you've got....
      lol....huaaaaa lippie product....mauuu


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