Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

today I want to review my favorite product at this time 
is really my favorite highlighter product 
really fall in love with this highlighter
This product is the balm mary - lou manizer
I'm the type of person who is very happy with something glow , shine and shimmer

so far I always use highlighter products from Etude House that once my previous review HERE

I never thought to buy another highlighter
but when I saw there was a 50% discount for the balm products 
 I was really wanna to try and after browsing and finding out here and there, 
I decided to order mary-lou manizer after seeing many good reviews about this product 

let's look closer at the mary-lou manizer packaging
all the products balm packaged in the box with pictures of a very unique and classic look , I like the mix of colors on the packaging mary - lou .. looks very unique and interesting
higlighter packaging is very similar like compact powder packaging , I think it's easy to carry
the picture on the product packaging adds a unique and looks very attractive
This product also comes with a small mirror
First appearance of product packaging , the packaging is very tempting ...
back view of product packaging , the contents of this product is 8.5 grams .
I think this will run out in a long time 
because I just need a little product for each use
swatch of the balm mary-lou manizer
this photo is my make- up without using the balm mary- lou manizer
finish of my make up after using the balm mary-lou manizer
This product became my favorite products because it makes my face look more fresh and glowy

overall I really love this highlighter because :
-It's a beautiful peachy champagne color that gives your pretty soft shimmer
-The powder is very soft and easily blended
-Its highly pigmented so a slight tap of brush is enough,then  tap the tiniest amount and blend it on to the area you want to highlight.

-Its shimmery but not glittery or heavy or like the one which makes you look like disco ball
-it gives you  fabulous dewy glow
-I can use for highlight my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, my forehead,and high point of my chin,and sometimes I use for highlight my browbone or use as shimmery eyeshadow

NB :Don't use a heavy hand cause this may attract attention to some imperfections like pores or fine lines. just apply it with a light loose hand and blend it well, it can give you a lovely glow.

Thank you for reading my post about this product
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awaited comments and suggestions from you, I will reply you as soon as possible comments from you
and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask
have a nice day and God bless you


  1. Aih selalu suka sama packaging thebalm,too faced,and benefit >.<
    Nice review~

  2. Iya kemasannya emang extra menggoda banget,bikin kantong bolong kalau mau ikutin semua.xixixixii......thanks dah berkunjung

  3. wih aku jadi pengen juga >w< thanks for the review ce <3

    1. Iya,baguus kok akuuu suka sama gold glowy gt....xixiixi......
      Thanks for visit lalaaaa......

  4. ihh cakeeep, glow nya bagus banget, aku selama ini ga pernah pake highlighter hehe jadi pengen mencoba

    nice review! :)

  5. Hai,thanks for visit......
    Highlighter buatku itu jadi bagian penting dalam make-up.....xixixi
    Suka glowy look soalnya


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