Friday, July 26, 2013

Review Herbal Soap Sulwhasoo

how are you all ? a long time I didn't make a new post , because of the rush and also internet connection in my house is very bad lately , I hope you all still enjoy for reading my new post
today I'm going to review a product that makes me really fall in love
yuuupss ... today I will be reviewing ' Sulwhasoo herbal soap '
I originally ordered this soap because wondering what's so special from this soap bars
let see the soap packaging 
 back of packaging
written in korean language >.< of course I don't understand
 sulwhasoo herbal soap is ginseng scented soap , I like a nice herbal scent of this soap
I bought this herbal soap sample size , because for the fullsize price is very expensive
soap carving is very pretty,right??
 writing on the back of the soap is Korean letters , and I can't understand... lol
in the afternoon I always use cleansing oil and wash my face with this soap , in the morning I immediately wash my face as usual without cleansing oil,because in the morning I don't use
The soap is also one of the most important treatment products currently convalescing my face from acne , if you deign to read can be read HERE

Pros about this soap is: 
-Herbal scented aroma of ginseng are rarely found in other products 
-Clean your face without making the skin dry 
-Make acne heal faster
-Not make a face burning like sulfur soap or other types of herbal soap
-Lots of foam 
-This soap-one rod can be used about 2  months 
-Not makes my skin oily / breakout

Cons about this soap is :
-The price is quite expensive,it's about IDR 120.000,-
-This herbal soap aroma quickly disappear after being used for some time
-difficult to buy , must buy through the online shop

I really like this soap and have been using this soap a few months, my face is very rarely acne and problematic, but all of it should be supported also by skincare and double cleansing after using makeup, use a cleansing milk / cleansing oil, after it use this soap as the last step

select the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and always remember to do a double cleansing after make-up
I hope you all liked this post 
what kind of soap you usually use?do you ever use this soap?
let me know all
I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you guys
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible
follow my blog if you all do not mind and of course I 'll follow back
have a nice day
God Bless You


  1. wow!! jadi pengen coba sabun nya.. thx yaa review nya!!
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  2. iya nih jadi pingin coba >.<

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  3. emang enak banget nih sabun, super cleansing for face
    Udah ada FB ternyata dan akan buka di seibu GI awal september info disana, moga2 banyak info produk lainnya


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