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Review AC Clinic pink powder spot special packaging

I might include very late in reviewing this product, I love to buy skincare for stock, usually I save and use if the stock skincare that I'm using is running out ... hehehe 

and today I wanna review this cute and unique packaging product 
this is AC Clinic Series Product...I love this packaging
It's really look like medicine box...right?? I buy this one because it look so unique..and look so different from other's Etude house packaging
this box can carry as well , the box size is not too big , and once the product is finished ... the box can still be used to store other items

model of the packaging is really made to resemble a medicine box

the contents of the box , neat arrangement of goods ... I really like it

there are 3 types of products in the box ... there is a facial wash , pink powder spot which is a acne medicine of AC Clinic series,and toner
all of this item is mini size product...but for the pink powder spot I think it 
will last long enough , because I rarely
there are 2 packs cotton pad to apply toner and 1 pack cotton buds to apply the powder pink spot
I will review one by one existing products
 let start...
first product is AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
I've use it about 2 weeks
I love use this foam cleanser because this is acne cleanser,it work good for acne,oily and trouble skin type
it formulated with salycid acid,tryclosan,and sandalwood...all of ingredients is good for acne it
I love this product because :
-I only need a small amount of product,and is enough for wash my face
-my skin feeling so clean and fresh
-not makes me breakout
-reduce redness on my face
this is the back of packaging 
 and what I don't like from this product :
-sting around my eyes and mouth area
-makes my skin a little bit dry
-the product's scent
second product is AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot
always remember don't shake the bottle
because this is last step of skincare and just apply this product with cotton buds
and apply on the acne and trouble area
I love use this product because :
-it's really effective for healing my pimple,in just 2-3 nights and my pimple was gone
-doesn't cause any breakout on my face
-I just only need small amount on the trouble area
back of packaging
what I don't like about this product :
-strong chemical scent from this product
( I don't use this product near my nose area)
and the last product is AC Clinic Toner
This toner toner the same as other brands , are used after washing your face to remove the remaining dirt and residue that remains on the face
what I like from this product :
-makes my face feeling clean and fresh
-non comedogenic
what I don't like from this product is :
Etude AC Clinic line series is a good product for me because I have oily and acne prone skin
I have been using this product series about 2 weeks now and for me the result is satisfying...and I love this line product
Thank you for reading my post about this product
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awaited comments and suggestions from you, I will reply you as soon as possible comments from
and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask
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  1. does they contains a lot of salycilic acid? I recently had a bad experience with salicylic acid..I used Neutrogena Acne Wash, and I break badly..redness and swelling all over my faces.

  2. bad that I hear you got breakout.......
    My skin type is sensitive and acne prone....
    But for two weeks I use this this product..nothing problem with my face.....
    I hope this product will makes you satisfied dear......
    Thanks for visit

  3. jerawat kecil bisa ilang jg ato jerawat besar aja?

  4. Lebih cenderung buat jerawat besar sist.....
    Kalo jerawat kecil2 banget kurang mempan.......

  5. aku suka pake pink powder spot, works good on my skin

  6. wah kalo aku yg make pasti kurang mempan, soalnya jerawatku kecil-kecil. suka beli produk etude dimana sis?

  7. Iya sist....sayangnya kalo buat jerawat kecil2 agak kurang mempan.....
    Tapi kalo buat jerawat agak gede and jerawat bulanan gt di aku sih mempan banget.....
    Aku gak pasti sist....belanjanya di ol shop mana aja asal murah....xixixi....
    Kalo di fb bisa coba cek
    K-pop beauty shop
    Atau di etude skincare and cosmetic
    Ada juga di autumn beauty shop

  8. Thanks for the review! It's really helpful! (: And the packaging's really cute too.

  9. Haiii,thanks for visit dear.....
    And I'm so happy if you like and enjoy this post......

  10. This is too informative. i like your post. thanks for share


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