Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder in #10 Transparent

I am always looking for loose powder to control oil on my face , my face is very oily type ... so after using foundation / bb cream I usually wear loose powder again
after reading a lot of review about this loose powder, I am very interested to try this product
my mom bought me this powder in Skinfood counter ... very unfortunate because I also have ordered from online shop
certainly very different from the price comparison
let's look at the powder packaging
I love design on the packaging cover
it's look so elegant and pretty
unique pattern..make it look so pretty and elegant to see
contents of this loose powder is 23gram
when compared to other brands of loose powder , I thought it quite a lot and can be used long enough
I chose the shade transparent because wanna look natural , and because I really don't like to wear powder
I like to make up a face that looks light and natural for my daily look
when I open the packaging
It's look like another loose powder
I also love the sponge applicator. Very smooth and soft.
I love to use this sponge powder
loose powder texture is very smooth and soft
one less thing that I don't is the scent of this loose powder
 I am less comfortable with the scent of loose powder that is too fragrant
this loose powder also comes in another shade
#10 Transparant
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige
#40 Lavender 
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after using this product for a long time , this is my opinion about this loose powder
I like about this product because
- it can control the oil in my face
- the design of the container is elegant and pretty
-the product can last up for long time,depends on how often you use it.
- It has soft powder sponge
-makes my face look smooth and flawless
-very affordable price at online shop

What I don't like about this because
-powder scent that makes me less comfortable
(but my mom really liked this scent,I think is back to personal opinion)

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  1. this seems like a great product. i have never tried something like this before, so your post is helpful! xo #gig

    1. Haiiii thanks for visit.....
      I hope you like and enjoy my post....
      Take care......

  2. That is weird that the smell is so strong in a powder! Is it that natural smell or artificial fragrance smell?

    1. Like flower scent......
      My mom really like it....
      But for me it too strong....
      Thanks for visit

  3. I have this one too and now running on my 2nd bottle

    1. Yeaaah,that's mean you like it too...
      Thanks for visit dear

  4. I've only tried Skin Food's lip products and they are ok. I have a friend though who is a huge fan of this brand and also uses their loose powders. She swears by them :)

    1. Yeah dear....I think you must try skinfood's face product.....
      You must try their loose powder....and let me know... Lol....
      I hope u like it too....
      Thanks for visit dear....

  5. I haven't tried any loose powders... My first time to know about this actually :) Might as well look for one here ;)

    1. Yeah....thanks for visit dear.....
      I think this product worth to try.....
      I hope you'll love and satisfied with this product...... :)

  6. Lovely review. From the reading I get that you are satisfied :) xoxo KJ

    1. Yes dear,,, I'm really satisfied with this powder....
      I've use it everyday...and love it....
      Thanks for visit dear......

  7. Thanks for this, I've been looking for a good powder this summer. will check this out :)

    1. Thanks for visit dear.....
      I'm so glad if you enjoy my review......
      And this powder is worth to try dear....
      I hope you satisfied with this product...enjoy.......

  8. Replies
    1. thanks a lot dear for visiting my blog....

  9. Replies
    1. yeah..I love this product's packaging too...
      thanks for visit dear....

  10. I'm a sucker for packaging, and I'm loving the packaging for this product.

    1. yes..I'm packaging sucker too... always look at the packaging for the first sight
      thanks for visit dear

  11. Great review!.
    would love to try them out!.

    Gime from

    1. thanks dear,,,so glad that you kind visiting my blog...take care

  12. skinfood is good. ^^ i tried it before

  13. Thanks for the review! I love that it's natural!

  14. Yes,it's look so natural....
    Thanks for visiting dear.....

  15. thanks for the review :)
    i wanna try this powder, but i hate product that contains fragrance :( so, can you tell me what exactly the smells like? is it floral or what?
    thank you~

    1. I think that's floral smell.....for me the main problem of the smell is too strong....but my mom really love this powder's smell....

  16. What is the name of the online shop where you purchased this? i wanna buy too but don't know any legit online seller.

  17. What is the name of the online shop where you purchased this? i wanna buy too but don't know any legit online seller.

  18. how much is the price?

  19. I say many thanks for the info you provide to increase knowledge


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