Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review Sleek Single Blush Powder Rose Gold

hello all beauty lover ^_^
this time in my post I will review about
Sleek rose gold powder blush
So many reviews that say that sleek rose gold is dupe of nars orgasm blush

I personally never used NARS orgasm so
 I can't compare
The product packaging is quite simple and there is a small mirror inside
I am quite satisfied with this blush
because the price is quite affordable and product quality is also pretty good 
Swatch Sleek Rose Gold
 Sleek rose gold powder blush is a pretty pinky coral blusher packed with beautiful golden shimmer
when I apply to my cheeks , that shimmer pinky coral color makes my cheeks look healthy and glowy
I personally quite like this blush
because the color is very unique and beautiful
( + )
-affordable price
-highly pigmented
-easy to blend
-it's so buildable
-the color is unique and pretty
-long lasting
makes my cheeks look healthy glow
-simple and sleek packaging
-a little mirror inside

( - )
-the packaging is difficult to open
-the packaging gets dirty easily
-still rather difficult to get this product in Indonesia

for those of you who don't like the shimmer blush may not like this
maybe you can try another color

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  1. Warnanya cantik banget ya ^^ aku juga lagi pengen beli sleek lagi nih
    by the way baru follow kmu di G+ dan Google hope you followback ^^~

    1. Secepatnya aku follow back ya,ini ol dari hp,agak ribet jdnya....thanks for visit ya

  2. Warnanya cantik dehh saay ... ^^

    1. Iya warnanya asik,bikin wajah jadi fresh,thanks for visit ya

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for visit ya rini,iya warnanya cantik....

  4. warna nya cantik dan pigmented ce ^^

    1. Iya wid,warnanya cantik and super pigmented,thanks for visit ya

  5. Replies
    1. Iya warnanya cakep,unik gitu
      thanks ya udah berkunjung

  6. aaak, aku juga punya shade ini, tapi blom di buka hehee ternyata warnanya bagus yaaa :)

    The Journey

    1. Ayoooo ayo dibuka n cobain,warnanya cantik banget
      thank you ya udah berkunjung

  7. u look awesome with this product . I wuufffff u linaa , hehe


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