Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Watermarble Nailart Use OPI COCA COLA Edition

hi all nailart lovers
 today I'm back with a new post
nail art that I made this time using some combination of nailart techniques
 I make watermarble nailart in the ring finger and middle finger, for other fingers I use studs, silver beads, and some small pearls
stuff that I use for this nailart
-OPI basecoat
-OPI coca cola collection
-OPI matte topcoat
-Sally hansen instadry topcoat
-Nailart studs
-Nailart pearl
-Nailart beads

 details on my index finger
I use purple color but because of the lighting, in some images look like black color

for nailart this time most needed is patience and diligence in preparing studs, beads and small pearl

what do you think about my nailart creation?
thank you so much for reading this post
I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you all 
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God bless you all


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