Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Watermarble Nail Art Tutorial

hi all, today I'm back again with a new post about watermarble nailart
water marble nailart  a technique that uses water and a plastic container to form a beautiful pattern on nails
Today I will show you a tutorial to make 4 patterns of watermarble nailart
nail polish that I use is very affordable price
I use maybelline colorshow nailpolish
follow step by step in photos
I hope you understand if the result of picture is less bright  because I made this tutorial at night
First watermarble nailart design
-dropped ur nailpolish into water , you can see it spreads
repeated again and again , until I was happy and like with how it looked

 -then I using my woodstick/toothpick to create watermarble design , lightly drag and pull the design , always remember don't pull the outer ring of nailpolish
-position the nail on the design that you prefer , choose the best part of the design
Final result , I really love watermarble nailart because it creates beautiful swirled and unique design
it takes time to practice , but the result is very beautiful and satisfying

Second watermarble nailart design
The step by step same as the first creations. the only difference just the swirled pattern
Just follow step by step in photos

 Final result ^_^

Third and fourth watermarble design
I immediately made two designs this time.
 I made different design in right and left side

Final result ^_^

the creation of watermarble nail art that I made
 I made a tutorial on fake nails to make it easier when taking a photo tutorial

to make it look more attractive ,
I used glitter top coat as finishing
you can also use a matte topcoat / glossy topcoat

some tips to remember when creating watermarble nailart
-always use room temperature water
not too hot / cold
-not all nailpolish works
I tried a variety of brands
-don't use a thick nailpolish to make it more easier to spread in water
-always make sure the water's surface clean of nailpolish residue before making the next design
-make sure ur nailart is perfectly dry before applying the topcoat
-don't use glitter nail polish/metallic color. I've tried a few times and the results always failed
-be patient and keep practice

Let me know what you think about this nailart technique ^_^
Do you like watermarble nailart?
if there are any questions or comments please don't hesitate
Thank you so much for visit my blog and kindly reading this post
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If you want to see the other nailart creation that I made
I hope this post can be an inspiration for you
See you in my next post
keep calm and paint ur nails


  1. Ini cumen pake air biasa aja ya say?
    Cantik hasilnya rapii pulaa

    1. Hi say,iya cuma pake air biasa kok.yang penting hati-hati pas bentuk nya.yuk dicobs
      thank you ya udah berkunjung

  2. Jadi pingin coba juga lin. After so many times of failure..... heheheh coba lagi ahh... nice tips <3

    1. Ayooo say,yuk coba..aku juga masih sering gagal..tapi practice makes perfect .yukkk dibikin juga hihihi thanks for visit ya


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