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Review Bliv Off With Those Heads by Cellnique

hi all  ^_^ I'm back again with new posts
In this post I will talk about the product that I use for eliminate my blackheads and whiteheads
let's look at the box packaging
It's really nice , simple and sleek

product information on the back of the box
This product is packaged in a pump bottle 
It's very practical to use, hygienic and
we also can control the amount of product that we need

product description
This sebum gel extracts blackheads and whiteheads with ease- without the need to painfully squeeze. Off with those heads removes blackheads and whiteheads without violence or pain, and stops them from appearing ever again, the gel softens the clogging blocking your pores, allowing for effortless extraction and removal of all sores. Its essence ingredient keep oil secretion under control, and skin irritation will never again rule!
Say goodbye to painful squeezing! This light cooling gel promises to easily remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads in just 14 days of daily application
 It keeps excessive oil secretion under control while preventing future irritation and breakouts.

Main function
clear blackhead and whitehead

• Removes blackheads and whiteheads
• Keeps acne under control
• Controls oil
• Unclogs pores
• Provides a gentle exfoliation
• Has soothing and hydrating properties

blackheads & whiteheads always be annoying problem for so many people
I've tried so many ways to remove annoying blackheads & whiteheads ,
like squeeze, using sticks for blackheads, using porepack, using steam, I also frequently clean my T area and chin using a facial scrub
pain and tears mixed to fight that blackheads and whiteheads >.<

let's read my post more again
to get a beautiful skin free of
 blackheads & whiteheads
Main Ingredients of this product
Tree Oil:
• Controls acne
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic
• Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

 Aloe Vera Extract:
• Soothes & hydrates skin
• Fades acne scars
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

 Witch Hazel Extract:
• Controls oil
• Tightens pores

 Peppermint Oil:
• Eliminates blackheads & whiteheads
• Deeply cleanses
• Controls oil

Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidiny Urea.

you definitely want to know how good the performance of this product
My nose and chin conditions before using this product
sorry if this photo looks so annoying >.<
on my nose looks a lot of stubborn blackheads

 on my chin area I tend to have problems with annoying whiteheads

This product is a gel texture
also a bit watery that make it very quickly absorbed into the skin

This product smells a bit like the scent of mint in toothpaste
and there is little stinging when the first use
but I personally didn't problems with it

1. Use Off With Those Heads daily, morning and night.
2. After toner pump 2-3 pea-sized drops of Off With Those Heads onto your palm.
3. Apply on T-zone areas, or areas with blackheads and whiteheads.
4. The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening.
5. The product lasts up to 3 months until completely used.
very easy, practical and without
with this product, we no longer need to squeeze blackheads

conditions of my nose and chin after 14 days using this product
I use this product every morning and night
 blackheads on my nose decreased after 2 weeks of use
This product really reduced my blackheads and makes pores on my nose looks more refined

I will continue to use this product to make the results more visible

Do you think beauty is pain ??
The answer is No, ^_^
After trying this product I could declare "free of blackheads & whiteheads without pain and squeeze"
how these products work on your skin
(I got this information from B.liv)
Resolve the main problems about whiteheads & blackheads
Free of blackheads in just 14 days
Day 1-3
Dissolve the clogging area
Day 4-9
Clean the entire superficial blackheads
Day 10-14
Clean the entire blackheads
blackheads lifted

Day 1-4
Smooth the dead skin cells that accumulate
Day 4-9
Gently slough off dead skin cells
Day 10-14
Lifting the dead skin cells naturally

Day 1-3
Clean the entire excess oil
Day 4-11
Keeping the oil secretion under control
Day 12-14
Normalize oil secretion
Hydrate (Refreshing)

Day 1-7
Smoothes and refreshes the skin
 Day 8-14
Maintain skin hydration level to prevent dehydration

My conclusion about
b.liv "off with those heads"
blackheads sebum gel


-packaged in a pump bottle
easy to use and hygienic
-contains 30ml
It can be used a few months,
because I just use one pump each use
-absorbed very quickly so it doesn't feel sticky on my skin also left cold sensation on my nose
-can resolve my blackheads and whiteheads without pain/squeeze
-doesn't cause my skin breakout
-control oil on my T - Zone area
-easy to get
this product has been sold in Indonesia

-this product is sold in Indonesia for
Rp 590.000,-
The product price is quite expensive,
but the money you spend is comparable with the quality you get

I will continue to use this product,
I am very satisfied with the results after
2 weeks of use
for all of you who want to get rid of blackheads & whiteheads without pain
I highly recommend you to try this product

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Thank you so much B.liv that already provides an opportunity to try this product
This product sent to me for review purposes
I'm not paid to do this review
what I write in this post is my honest opinion after trying this product

thank you so much for reading this post,
I hope this post is useful to you.
See you all in my next post


  1. Udh sering baca reviewny dan makin pengen beli heheheh

  2. Yuk dibeli,agak mahal tapi irit and bener-bener worth to buy deh produk ini.
    Thanks ya udh berkunjung

  3. aku jg cobain yg sample, 3 kali pake aja keliatan bgt hasilnya :3 tapi ya gitu yah, harga XD


    1. Harga sama kualitas produknya sebanding sist , efeknya keliatan
      thanks for visit

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