Friday, December 19, 2014

Awesone B.liv Christmas Campaign

I have exciting news for you all about

Bliv Christmas Campaign

B.liv xmas game will start from 4/12 to 31/12, 1 winner will be announce by every Thursday (total: 4 winners).
You may click on the link to have a look on 

Flow : the highest point will be the winner of the contest
1)      Fill in contact details
2)      Like “bliv” facebook and paste your personal ID to earn 5 point
3)      Tag 5 friend in FB to earn 20 point
4)      “Follow” bliv instagram and paste your personal ID to earn 5 point
5)      Enter unit purchase code if have any to earn 25 point
6)      Slot the machine to earn more point
7)      Your total earn point will pop up once you click “finish”
 don't forget to join this exciting game to receive a special gift from Bliv

Let’s see what will the winner received! Those are your Christmas Gifts!
-1pcs of Off With Those Heads (30ml) 
-1 box of Immerse Me (7pcs) 
-1pcs of b.liv limited edition key chain
-1pcs of product discount voucher worth USD5
The prizes are super awesome, right???
Quickly! The winner will be announce by every Thursday!
Don't forget to share with your friends and join this game together for fun! 

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Bliv off  with those heads

If you are interested to buy / find out more about Bliv's product
Click the link below


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