Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review + swatch happy series caring colours

Today I will review one of the local brands that's brilliant and I think the quality is good 
caring colours product colors tend to be more natural and suitable for daily makeup
two products which I will review this time is the eyeshadow palette and lipstick from  "happy series" 

This is the eyeshadow palette from this series
I love the natural colors and natural make-up for my daily look
the packaging with clear lid color packaging makes it easy to see the colors contained in the palette
 back pack contains product descriptions and product composition
 eyeshadow palette color series that I have is a series of 01 carnival
This eyeshadow contains mineral tourmaline , have passed tests irritation and allergies , and also no animal testing
 there are 4 color eyeshadow in this palette , the color is very easy four combined for a natural makeup or to create a smokey eye .
 carved flowers in each color eyeshadow , looks very pretty , unfortunately the concomitant use of carved flowers will not be seen again
also contained in this palette eyeshadow applicator , sponge applicator with a brush on applicator 
swatch color of happy series 01 carniva eyeshadow palette
use blitz
you can see all of eyeshadow are shimmer
(All swatch without eye primer)
 natural sunlight
the picture below is a selection of other eyeshadow colors 
the color choice is quite tempting
*credit by Google*

and now let's see the lipstick from this series
This happy series lipstick coated by pink plastic with polka dot patterned , it looks quite interesting
after opening the plastic packaging, lipstick packaging is metallic pink, looks beautiful and I think it looks very unique and different than other brands that are generally packaging in black 
lipstick packaging for the same size as the size of the packaging in general
I got the color is brown, for this collection of lipsticks I have always dominated the color pink and nude , this color caught my eye enough to try
in the middle there is a different color lipstick , which I think serves to moisten lips.
2 in 1 product lipbalm and lipstick in one package, very practical thought

the picture below is a selection of other lipstick colors , lots of interesting choices
and here's my opinion about caring colours's products

-for the eyeshadow is highly pigmented eyeshadow color
-the color is very natural for everyday use
-This product is quite affordable prices
-easy to buy
-many other color options
-suitable for natural or smokey eye makeup
-lipstick does not make dry lips
-2 function in 1 product lipstick once lipbalm
Thank you for reading my post about this product
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awaited comments and suggestions from you, I will reply you as soon as possible comments from you
and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask
have a nice day and God bless you

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