Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review Tony Moly CC Cream

in previous posts I have reviewed the Etude House CC Cream - Silky HERE
in this post I will review Tony Moly CC Cream is quite famous
I am very keen to try CC Cream from various brands
because my skin is very oily rather difficult to find CC Cream that fit with my skin 
Tony moly CC Cream package in a big tube contains 50ml of product
this  tube is very sturdy , combination of black and white color
it also comes with a pump dispenser
 I really liked the product packaging with pump dispenser because it is more hygienic and looks very practical
Information about Tony Moly CC Cream
Tonymoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream 
Product Description
All in one effect with sunscreen + whitening + wrinkle repair + radiance + moisture + primer + base make-up.
Capsule changes color matching to your own skin tone as soon as applied to offer innocent and gorgeous look to bare skin.
Creates smooth and moisturizing skin.
All in one cream that takes care of skin care and make-up at the same time with moisture that remains for hours.
Pink flower complex delivers nutrition to skin to create gorgeous skin that is easy to be dull.
CC cream makes perfectly natural skin tone as providing natural color change and skin care effect with moist radiance.
Black/red/yellow color capsule pops and perfectly mixes up upon applying on skin to naturally conceals redness and imperfections.
7 Free - paraben, benzo phenon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, sulfate surfactant

CC Cream texture is not too thick like BB Cream and it's easily to blend
Color changing from white to natural beige and it blend in perfectly with my skin tone
my bare face before using CC Cream 
apply CC Cream on my face
( I always applying skincare before use CC Cream / BB Cream )
 My face after using CC Cream
I am very happy with the finish
 my skin looks so healthy , glowy and looks more brighter
My daily make up look
I use loose powder on my T - Zone area because my skin is very oily
use loose powder can be adjusted to each skin type
( + ) 
-The packaging comes with a pump dispenser
-The packaging look simple and pretty
-Give me glowy and dewy finish
-Sun protection of SPF30 PA++
-It looks so natural
-Blend well on my skin
-makes my face look brighter
-feels light on my face
-not oxidize even used all day
-The price is affordable
-can be used as a base before applying foundation / BB Cream
-It's 7 free

( - )
-oil control which only lasts for 2-3 hours
( My skin type is very oily )

I personally quite like thisTony Moly CC Cream because I love glowy and dewy finish
in the next post I will review again some CC Cream brands that I've tried 
do you 've tried CC Cream ?What brand is your favorite ?
Let me know because I was very excited to try out a variety of other brands

I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you all 
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible 
follow my blog if you all do not mind and of course I 'll follow back 
have a nice day 
God Bless You


  1. bagusan ini ya daripada punya etude? hehe

  2. Iya,lebih suka ini daripada etude punya......
    Ada di review sebelumnya sih etude punya cc cream.....
    Thanks for visit dear

  3. Wah..masa bagusan ini??mau..mau...berapa ya kalo beli??mahal?
    beli dmn?

    1. Bagusan tony moly,hasilnya juga lebih bagus.......
      Soalnya aku oily banget,di aku etude bubar jalan
      Aku beli 175an...bisa coba di cek di k-pop beauty shop di facebook,makasih dah berkunjung

  4. Nice review!
    Gotta try that! x))

    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog.
    I've been following you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you.
    Thank you!

    1. Hai dear,thanks for visit.......
      I'll follow u back ASAP.......
      Thanks dear...... :)


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