Friday, October 4, 2013

Review Etude House CC Cream - Silky

hello, how are you all? 
Today I will talk about CC CREAM 
This time CC cream are becoming popular topic after BB Cream
for you who want to know what is the difference between CC Cream , BB Cream , and DD Cream
you can check at this link click here
and that I will review today is the Silky Cream Etude House CC 
I chose CC Cream silky variant because many say that this variant is more suitable for my skin ( oily skin ) while the glowy type more suitable for normal/dry skin

the packaging is very sleek and simple
description of the products listed on the box
Etude House CC Cream logo display that looks very princess

direction how to use this CC Cream
I personally always use moisturizer before applying CC Cream/BB Cream
ingredients of the products listed on the box
the packaging is so simple 
back of packaging
it has small pump , I love product with pump because makes products more hygienic and also looks more practical
here's swatch on my hand
it's changing into skin tone color after I blend it
this CC Cream has a matte finish
pros of this CC Cream
-the packaging comes with little pump
-natural and matte finish
-8 benefits in 1 product
-brighten my dull skin
-reduce redness on my skin
-feel lighter on my face
-doesn't feel sticky on my face

cons of this CC Cream
-doesn't have good coverage
-doesn't have good oil control
-couldn't last long in my skin if not set with powder
-very easy budge/slide on my skin
-makes me breakout
-hard to blend

the results of the use of each person may be different 
back again to the skin type and skin condition of each person 
what I review is based on the results of the use on my skin

I waited all comments , questions and suggestions from you guys
I'll repply all ur comments as soon as possible
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have a nice day
God Bless You


  1. Banyak yg bilang emg yg etude ga bagus sist.. Makanya masih ragu pake cc cream..
    Msh kecantol sm bb creamnya aja...
    Nice post sist.. Keep posting..

  2. iya nih, mengecewakan...padahal etude malah yang paling awal keluar cc creamnya,thanks for visit dear....

  3. Aku kalo pake ini selalu keputihan deh, meskipun udah di blend dengan bb cream dan digosok-gosok terus biar cepet oksidasinya, teteeeup aja. Sekarang aku pake ini buat contouring aja, pakenya di highest point of my face... lumayan deh masih berguna lol. Definitely not repurchase sih kalo aku...

  4. Iya sist,aku malah kesulitan blend......
    And kurang merata kalau di kulit wajah hasilnya
    Buat highlight yachs sist?wah,boleh juga idenya......
    Next kucoba deh......makasih yach
    Thanks for visit dear........

  5. Mungkin karena susah diblend merata makanya keliatan keputihan di wajah dear

  6. waahh.. bikin breakout ya? aku pernah nyobanya cc cream innisfree. enak dipakenya <3

    1. Iya,di aku bikin breakout merajarela dear.......
      Iya yach?wah next time coba innisfree deh,,,catet masuk wishlist
      Thanks for visit dear

  7. memang ga ada coveragenya, kan utk correct warna kulit yg ga merata aja ^^
    coba dicoba abis pake cc cream+bb cream lin ;)
    btw emann yaaa break out d km >.<

    1. Iya kalau warna kulit emang jd lebih rata sel,
      Cuma itu cepet banget belepotan di kulit.......
      Aku pernah coba numpukin pake bb cream,and breakout makin jadi.......
      Sedih sukses breakout gara2 coba-coba sel.......
      Thanks for visit loh sel.......

  8. wah bikin breakout yah? untung aku gak jadi beli ><
    anw nice review^^
    mind to followback?^^


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