Wednesday, January 9, 2013

second post about liebster award

#i wanna say thanks to SeoJin for tag me in liebster awards

and this is 11 questions from SeoJin

1. What your favourite brand of beauty product..? 

urban decay,revlon,and NYX...

2. What your favourite colour..?

purple and silver

3. Eyeliner or Eyeshadow..?
eyeliner of course

4. J-pop or K-pop..?

5. What's your favourite part from your face..?
my eyes

6. Your muse of make-up..?

look beauty without over make up.. lol

7. Gyaru or Ulzzang..?

8. How long your beauty sleep..?

6-7 hours

9. What kind of type your skin..?

oily,acne prone,and sensitive skin

10. Liptint or Lipstick..?

liptint...b'coz is more long lasting

11. What your wish for 2013..?

i wish can holiday to china or korean  :D

#And thanks to zellyn for this awards...

and here's her questions:
1. Shorts or skirts?
2. What is your favorite makeup brand?
urban decay,revlon,NYX
3. Which one do you prefer for foundation and why, Brush or sponge?
brush,b'coz i love air brush finish look
4. What is your favorite food?
sushi and friedrice
5. bb cream or foundation?
bb cream of course
6. What do you think of makeup?
it's magic lol...can makes every woman look different
7. Natural or smokey eyes?
smokey eyes
8. What is your current hair color?
9. Do you like doing your nails?
yes,i do...i love nail art...
10. Fashion or makeup?
make up...
11. What do you want to change or do in 2013?
have to control myself so as not
#and the last awards from faranira

and this is 11 questions from her:

1. When was the most first time you try makeup by yourself?
19 years old's too late >.<

2. Pants or Skirts?
3. What is your daily facial treatment?

now i use SK-II...and i mix it with my korean product from history of whoo
4. Do you have any favorite natural mask?

sometimes i use honey and olive oil for my face
5. If you are a gem, what would you be?

ruby... >.<
6. What is your skin tone? Is it warm or cool?


7. How long you sleep a day?

6-7 hours

8. What is your most favorite facial feature?

can makes my skin look brighter and control my sebum
9. What is your favorite food?

sushi and fried rice
10. Do you prefer coffee, tea or milk?

coffee of course

11. What is your beauty resolution in 2013?

don't forget use eyecream and always use sunscreen and never forget use night cream

11 things about me
1.purple lovers, all sorts of colors ranging from purple background my blog,my  blackberry and phone case,room decorations, bed linen, until sandals, and i have purple magic jar as an display in my

2.i'm sticker holic...i love everything about stickers... lol >.< favourite food is sushi and my favourite place is "hachi hachi"
I go there every week usually...
4.i don't like green colour especially for my outfit... 
5.cheesecake is my's so yummy...
6.when i'm 19 years old is my first time use make up...too late... right? lol not like rude man and likes to talk dirty...
8.sometimes i look so childish >.< is so bad
9.sister of 3 people younger brothers and 1 sister
10.Most hate scars on legs that do not go away for years sleeping style is so messy >.<

And i don't tag anyone,because i've got this awards...
and i've write post about this awards...
check it out my post here 

again for the last...
thanks to SeoJin,Zellyn,and Faranira....
thanks for read my post about liebster awards...
and have a nice day....


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