Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review Hēhē plaid and florals stamping plate

Hello all
Today I will review a complete set of Hēhē plaid and florals series stamping plate from www.aiyoohehe.com
Thank you so much super lovely Siqi
make sure you always buy and use the original Hēhē stamping plate
Because there have been a lot of fakes and you may own some without even realizing
original product quality is always better and perfect than the fake products
If you don’t want to buy fakes Hēhē stamping plate , I really recommend to purchase from www.aiyoohehe.com
directly so you don’t have to worry
It’s also the best way to support the super talented designer and owner of these Hēhē plates, Haiyan 
The Hēhē plaid and florals collection comes with 12 stamping plates, though you can also buy the plates separately
each one retails for $2.00. The entire collection can be purchased for $23.00

Let’s take a look at this super awesome series
Hope you enjoy it one by one

You can purchase Hēhē Plates from the official store www.aiyoohehe.com where they ship worldwide. Orders above $30 qualify for free shipping and the shipping fee for orders below that amount is just $5
Remember a good way to see if you have the genuine product is that they come in pretty cardboard sleeves and the back of the plate has their logo printed on it
Make sure to follow www.aiyoohehe.com on social media and support the real creators of Hēhē stamping plate-Haiyan 
behind this awesome stamping plate's brand
I will post my nail art creation use Hēhē stamping plate on my instagram
I really hope you all don't mind to visit my instagram
Hope you enjoy my review
See you in my next post
Keel calm and paint ur nails


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