Saturday, September 14, 2013

Purple Eye Make Up EOTD and Tutorial use D'eyeko Syahrini "merak" false lashes

hello all , how are you all ?
in this post I tried to make eye make up tutorial in picture tutorial , for video ,I'm still not proficient in video editing and also internet network at my place so often problematic 
so , I hope you all enjoy my post :D
for this make up look I use false lashes from 
D'eyeko Syahrini edition in "merak'
 my makeup inspired by the packaging of "Syahrini Merak False Lashers" , 
I really like the color combination of purple and pink , I'm really so in love with purple
my eye make up look use Syahrini "merak" false lashes
This "merak" lashes really be one of my favorites from D'eyeko false lashes because the pattern is very pretty and unique, elongated on the outside and also make eye makeup look more beautiful, it's also very lightly 
in each package there is also the eyelash glue , glue quality is also very good

 1. use eye primer all over the eyelid, so that eyeshadow color more intense and longer lasting 
2. use jumbo eye pencil white so that the color more visible (optional) 
3. use skin colour eyeshadow/powder all over ur eyelid
4 , 5 , 6 , 7 . use eyeshadow and blend well 
blend well so that no harsh lines between each eyeshadow color
8. use eyeshadow and eyeliner pencil in the lower lash line
9. use liquid/gel liner on upper lash line
10. draw eyebrow and apply mascara on eyelashes
11. highlight browbone use white eyeshadow
12. use false lashes for finishing (optional)
 sorry for different lighting
finish of my make up look
what do you think about my make-up this time ?
I'm sorry if it is still much less than perfect , I'm just an amateur
I just want to keep learning , practice makes perfect
I'm waiting for all the suggestions , comments and ideas from all of you
I will reply to all the comments from you guys as soon as possible
thank you for read this post and have a nice day all


  1. Makasiiiiih.... :D
    Thanks dah berkunjung sista

  2. cantik banget...

    bulmat syahrini ini memang cetar membahana y... ;)

    thanks for the tutorial, dear lina!

  3. Iya,syahrini cetar di segala hal......makasih banyak juga udah berkunjung yach.....
    Semoga suka tutorialnya,
    Thanks for visit dear, :)


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