Friday, November 9, 2012

review white eyeliner

i just have 2 eyeliner in my make up storage...
first is rivera white eyeliner
the second is  pixy white eyeliner

both of eyeliner come in white tube,,just a simple white and black colour....
pixy is pencil and i must use pencil sharpener
and rivera is automatic and it's makes me more easy to use

 this is swatch of eyeliner,big line is rivera eyeliner ,and small line is swatch of pixy
and this last pic,i have wash with water and smudge it...
the staying power is good,really smudge proof and waterproof...

that i ussualy use is pixy,i use for highlight my browbone n highlight my nose and for my inner corner because is creamy and has little bit of shimmer...
oke..that's my short review..hope u like my post..
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have a nice day all...
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  1. belum punya eyeliner putih :3
    mau coba, kayanya yang pixy oke juga >.<
    harganya brapa ya pixy?

    thankss review nya ^^

  2. saat ini aku menggunakan white eyelinernya veryme oriflame. Tapi rencananya sih kalo habis ntr mau pake produk lokal saja. Jadi, terimakasih referensinya ^_^


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